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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is a 30 50 pressure switch better than a 40 60?

For a single level home or a two story home without water fixtures on the 2nd floor a 30/50 PSI setting may be sufficient. For two or more levels with water fixtures on more than one level you may want to use 40/60 PSI setting. It's easier for a pump to supply the lower pressures and it's less strain on old plumbing.

2. What is the most common pressure switch for a well?

Common thresholds for pressure in a well system are 40 and 60 psi, 30 and 50 psi, and 20 and 40 psi. When the pump is turned off and water is flowing to a home, the air inside the pressure tank expands, and the pressure decreases.

3. How do I choose a water pressure switch?

There are many things to consider when selecting the best pressure switch for your application, including the style of switch (diaphragm, piston, bellows or electronic), wetted materials, housing construction, setpoint requirements, application pressures (working and maximum) and whether any approvals are required.

4. Will a bigger pressure switch increase water pressure?

As expected, the higher the pressure setting, the more pressure used throughout the well system. By increasing the pressure setting on the pressure switch, one could expect to have better water pressure flowing through the faucets.

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