Best Volleyball Rebound Net In May 2023

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Is a volleyball rebounder worth it?

Using a volleyball rebounder is one of the most effective ways to train alone at home for volleyball. I always talk about how the best way to improve at volleyball is to put more reps in, to get more contacts on the ball… A rebounder is an ideal way of doing this when you don't have any teammates to practice with.

2. What is the best angle for volleyball rebounder?

Throw the ball at the rebounder (preferably set at an angle 100 – 150°) and prepare to strike the ball. Practice with the rebounder set at different angles, and practice with both feet.

3. What is a volleyball rebound?

The rebound consists in hitting the ball in the block on purpose with the intention of recovering the ball so the team can have another chance at hitting the ball. The rebound is a secondary shot used by an attacker who is in front of a big block and does not have a clear scoring option available.

4. What are the dimensions of a volleyball rebounder?

Dimensions for both versions (approximate): Face of the rebounder is 4 ft X 4 ft. When expanded: 4 ft W X 3 ft H X 4 ft deep.