Best Trombone Mouthpieces In March 2023

With so many options of trombone mouthpiece out there, such as GREENBOX,Talany,PINSTRUMENTS,EASTROCK and more, how to choose the best ones you want? We're here to help you to pick out the top best trombone mouthpiece with our handy buying guide.

We researched and tested 182 trombone mouthpiece in the market to get you the list of the best trombone mouthpiece. Our most recommended product is GREENBOX Trombone Mouthpiece. Check out our best [count] for all of our favorites, and be sure to read our buying guide to get all the information you need to make the best choice!

Editor's Choice
an-do-er Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL (Gold)
an-do-er Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL (Gold)
Premium Pick
Bach Small Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 6-1/2AL
Bach Small Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 6-1/2AL
Budget Pick
Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)
Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)

Top 10 Best Trombone Mouthpieces Reviews 2023

1. an-do-er Alto Trombone Copper Mouthpiece Mouth Piece 6.5AL (Gold)

  • High Quality. Durability.
  • It Have 6 Months Warranty.
  • Designed for Trombone Mouthpiece.
  • Allows You to Get a Loud Sound with Smooth Tone.
  • Made of High Quality Brass, Durable and Sturdy.

2. Bach Small Shank Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 6-1/2AL

  • 4 / Medium / 26.00 Mm / Medium Wide, Well Rounded. / Very Large Cup; Principally Used by Players Having Healthy, Strong Embouchures.
  • Bach Personally Designed the Tools and Composed the Plans That Continue to Set the High Standards for Making All Bach Parts Today
  • Model No. / Depth of Cup / Approx. Cup Dia. / Rim Shape / Description
  • 4C / Medium Shallow / 25.75 Mm / Medium Wide, Well Rounded. / Large Cup with a Brilliant Tone. Requires a Powerful, Natural Embouchure.
  • 3 / Medium Deep / 26.26 Mm / Medium Wide, Well Rounded. / Extra-Large Cup for Players with a Robust Embouchure.

3. Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)

  • Small Shank, #6 1/2AL Used for Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium
  • Mouthpieces Are Designed At Blessing and Made by Terry Warburton in Florida, and by Lausmann in Germany, So You Are Assured of a High Quality Product.
  • Brand: BLESSING
  • Blessing a Household Name in the World of Brass Instruments. 
  • Designs Based on Input From Professional Players Buff Dillard, Robert Dorer, and Dominick Farinacci.

4. Talany Trombone Mouthpiece, Trombone Mouth Piece Classic Large Shank for Trombone Players for Tenor

  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] The Trombone Mouthpiece 12c Is Made of Brass As a Whole, and the Surface Is Silver-Plated, Which Is Wear-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant, and Can Be Used for a Long Time.
  • [SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALES SERVICE] We Have a Comprehensive After-Sales Service, Providing You with a 60-Day Refund and a 12-Month Warranty. If You Encounter Any Problems, Please Feel Free to Contact Us, If You Use If You Are Still Satisfied Afterwards, You Can Also Consider Us If You Have Other Product Needs in the Future. We Will Make Your Purchase More At Ease.
  • [A GREAT GIFT FOR GIFTS] Our 12c Trombone Mouthpiece Can Meet the Requirements of Different Occasions Such As Schools, Concert Halls, Bars, Families, Band Practice Areas and Performers Learning Stages, It Is a Gift for Trumpet Beginners, Professional Players, Children and Adults .
  • [EXQUISITE AND PORTABLE] The Trombone Mouthpieces Are Made with Exquisite Craftsmanship and Retain Their Original Metallic Luster. And Its Small Size, Light Weight, Installation, Carrying, Storage Is Very Convenient. So That You Can Carry It Easily.
  • [ADD CHARM TO YOUR PLAYING] This Trombone Mouthpiece Will Deliver a Steady and Beautiful Sound, Making Your Playing More Attractive. And Its Long Service Life, Acid and Alkali Resistance.

5. PINSTRUMENTS pBone 6.5 Small Shank Plastic Trombone Mouthpiece PBMPC65SB - Fun and Affordable For

  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Maintenance Free and Works Straight Out of the Box! The Convenient and Detachable Plastic Mouthpiece Has a Unique Hard Design That Can Withstand Kids' Rough Play and Use, and Can Even Be Cleaned in the Dishwasher!
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Designed by Award-Winning Musicians, the Eco-Friendly PBone Mouthpiece Is An Affordable Replacement. Creating An Authentic Sound Approved by Music Teachers, the Simple Musical Device Allows You to Play Or Practice with Your Instrument.
  • AMAZING SOUND: PBone's Plastic Trombone Mouthpiece Produces a Clear Crisp Sound That Rivals Any Traditional Brass Instrument. Made with Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection, Musicians with Allergies Can Enjoy and Safely Play Music with Confidence.
  • EASY TO PLAY: The Lightweight Mouthpiece Is Simple to Attach and Fits Most Brass Trombones. The Plastic Avoids Stuck-On Lips, Making It a Student's Go-To Musical Instrument Accessory. Just Pop It on and Make Music Straight Away!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: We Are Committed to Creating Quality Musical Instruments to Help Everyone Experience the Joy of Making Music. We Are Also Proud to Be the First Instrument Manufacturer to Achieve Carbon Neutral Status for All Its Instruments.

6. EastRock Trombone Mouthpiece,Silver Plated Trombone Mouthpiece 6.5AL,Gift for Trombone Players

  • ~ Exquisite Craftsmanship -- Precision Machine Tool Grinding to Ensure Product Quality.
  • ~ Durable -- Long Service Life, Acid and Alkali Resistance.
  • ~ Warranty -- We Promise You That There Is Any Problem with the Trombone Mouthpiece in 1 Year, Just Contact Us for a New Or Full Refund.
  • ~ Silver-Plated Surface -- The Trombone Mouthpiece Is Silver-Plated and the Sound Is Louder.
  • ~ High-Quality Copper Material -- Using Professional Musical Instrument Copper Material in Line with International Standards.

7. Schilke Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece in Silver 51D Silver

  • Silver Plated Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces with Standard (small) Shank
  • Silver Plated Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces with Standard (small) Shank
  • Silver Plated Tenor Trombone Mouthpieces with Standard (small) Shank

8. KELLY-6-1/2AL - Small-shank Trombone/Baritone Lexan-Mouthpiece - Crystal-Orange

KELLY-6-1/2AL - Small-shank Trombone/Baritone Lexan-Mouthpiece - Crystal-Orange
By - Kelly Mouthpieces
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  • This Means Less Fatigue on Your Chops
  • Kelly Mouthpieces Are Made of Lexan Polycarbonate Material That Provides Comfort in Hot Or Cold Weather Gigs
  • Kelly Mouthpieces Are Made of Lexan Polycarbonate Material That Provides Comfort in Hot Or Cold Weather Gigs
  • Small Shank Trombone 6-1/2AL Mouthpiece Crystal Orange
  • They Are Great for Marching Bands, Pep Bans and Festive Occasions

9. Trombone Mouthpiece, Brass Material 5G Trombone Mouthpiece Trumpet Mouthpiece for Tenor

  • [Silver Finish] The Layer Is Silver‑plated, Wear-Resistant and Corrosion-Resistant, and Can Be Used for a Long Time.
  • [Lightweight And Portable] With a Compact Size and Light Weight, the Installation, Carrying and Storage Is Very Convenient.
  • [Alto Trombone Accessorie] Trombone Mouthpiece Suits Perfectly for Most Tenor Trombones, It's a Necessary Accessory and Replacement for Trombone Players.
  • [Exquisite Craftsmanships] Trombone Mouthpiece Through Exquisite Workmanship, the Beautiful Mouthpiece Has Retained It's Original Metal Lustre.
  • [Creation Of Beautiful Sound] This Trombone Mouthpiece Will Produce a Stable and Beautiful Voice to Make Your Playing More Attractive.

10. Yamaha 48L Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece (YAC SLL48)

  • 25.25mm Inner Diameter, Standard Cup
  • Extra Thick Silver Plating for Added Durability and Longevity.
  • Fits Any Brand Or Model of Trombone, Baritone Or Euphonium That Uses a Large Shank Receiver.
  • The 48 Trombone Mouthpiece Has a Well-Balanced Rim and Cup That Make This a Great Utility Mouthpiece for All-Around Playing.
  • Standard Rim, Semi-Narrow Backbore

Frequently Asked Question

1. What trombone mouthpiece is good for high notes?

The standard series 45C2 trombone mouthpiece has a small, shallow cup that's designed to give plenty of support for playing high notes in the upper register.

2. What trombone mouthpiece should I get?

The Bach 6 ½ AL is one of the best trombone mouthpiece sizes for students. It is a good, medium-deep size mouthpiece that will continue to be the right size for many students as they get older. Some students will need to move to a larger mouthpiece by high school, such as a Bach 5G, but many will not.

3. What is the most common trombone mouthpiece?

The Schike large shank trombone mouthpiece is among the most popular, well-reviewed mouthpieces in the world. They fit commonly into what are sometimes called symphony tenors, that is to say horns with a . 547″ bore. These are also common in the band world, and are the most common size among orchestral players.

4. What is the best trombone made?

The top 11 best trombone brands are:. Bach.Jupiter.Yamaha.Eastman.Kanstul.Courtois.Holton.Jean Paul USA.Bach.,Jupiter.,Yamaha.,Eastman.,Kanstul.,Courtois.,Holton.,Jean Paul USA.,