Best Remote-Control Extenders In March 2023

You will find our hand-picked selection of remote control extender below. You have a wide variety of choices of brands such as Bafx Products,X10,St !GIANTMAN,Cable Matters,OBVIS available to you as a result of the fact that each one of them has a unique pricing, look, and feel. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of the best remote control extender buying guide!

Our experts tested a variety of remote control extender in the market. Right on top of the list is . Check out some more of our favorites below, and read some valuable insight from the experienced editors.

Editor's Choice
BAFX Products - All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable / 1, 2 or 4 Device
BAFX Products - All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable / 1, 2 or 4 Device
Premium Pick
X10 Powermid PM5900 Remote Control Extender Kit - Includes a Transmitter and Receiver - (Infrared
X10 Powermid PM5900 Remote Control Extender Kit - Includes a Transmitter and Receiver - (Infrared
Budget Pick
Nextgen IR Extender - Infrared Remote Control Distance Extender Kit - IR Repeater Kit with IR
Nextgen IR Extender - Infrared Remote Control Distance Extender Kit - IR Repeater Kit with IR

Top 10 Best Remote-Control Extenders Reviews 2023

1. BAFX Products - All-in-One Infrared IR Repeater Kit/Remote Control Extender Cable / 1, 2 or 4 Device

  • EXCELLENT MANUFACTURER WARRANTY From BAFX Products. Even Though This Is Extremely Inexpensive, BAFX Products Stands Behind Everything We Sell Or We Won't Sell It. Your All-in-One IR Extender Is Covered by Our 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects and Is Super Easy & Simple to Claim Should the Need Arise! We Also Extend Amazon's Normal 30 Day Return Period with Our 60 Day, No Hassle, No Questions Asked Return Policy. Miss the Return Window From Amazon? No Problem. Just Contact BAFX!
  • SIMPLE, EASY & COMPACT Setup with Our All-in-One Cable IR Repeater / Remote Control Extender Kit. Plug the USB Into Your TV, Set Top Box Or Other Device for Power (you May Also Use a Wall Adapter - Sold Separately), Then Paste the Emitter Using It's Own Adhesive Over the IR Receiver on the Device You Wish to Control. Lastly, Place the IR Receiver End in the Line of Sight of Your Remote Control (no Further Than 28' From Remote Control) and That's It! You're All Set!
  • RESISTANT to Interference From Stray Infrared Sources Such As Plasma TV's & CFL Lightbulbs! Worried That Your Plasma TV Or CFL Bulbs Will Cause Interference with This IR Repeater Just Like Your Old IR Repeater You Bought Years Ago? Worry No More! With Our New Plasma Resistant Technology Nearly All of These Trouble Causing Stray IR Signals Are Filtered Out! No More Randomly Changing Channels Or Flashing Lights Caused by Your TV Or Lightbulbs!
  • STREAMLINE Your Entertainment Center by Hiding Your Cable Box, Receiver, Amp, Roku & Other IR Controlled Devices Hidden Behind Closed Doors. No More Boxes Sitting Out on the Shelf Or Leaving Cabinet Doors Open When Your Watching TV Just So You Can Use Your Remote Control! Give Your Living Space a More Refined, More Streamlined Look! CONTROL 1 to 4 Devices Using Our Kit Depending on Which Model You Choose. We Have Models to Cover 1, 2 Or 4 Devices. Choose the Model That Best Suits Your Setup For.
  • COMPATIBLE with All IR Controlled Devices! We Have Tested Our IR Repeater Kits with Thousands of IR Devices to Make Sure That They Work and Work Well with All Frequencies of IR Dual Band Included. No Matter the Make/model of Your Devices, As Long As They Use An IR Remote Control, Our IR Extender Kit Will Work with It. Compatible With: Charter, Cisco, DirecTV, Dish Network, Marantz, Motorola, Onkyo, Roku, Scientific Atlanta, Sony, Spectrum, U-Verse, Yamaha, & More! Still Uncertain? Contact BAFX!

2. X10 Powermid PM5900 Remote Control Extender Kit - Includes a Transmitter and Receiver - (Infrared

  • Optional Infrared Extender Cable Allows Placement of Receiver Behind the Line-of-Sight Field of the Equipment Being Controlled.
  • Transmits Up to 100 Feet, Even Through Walls
  • Allows You to Control Your Audio/video Equipment with Your Infrared Remote From Another Room.
  • Use Your Remote to Control VCRs, Cable Boxes, Even Stereo Equipment in Cabinets in Another Room.
  • Simple Five Minute Installation; Just Plug It Into An A/C Wall Outlet in Both Rooms and You're Done.

3. Nextgen IR Extender - Infrared Remote Control Distance Extender Kit - IR Repeater Kit with IR

  • EASY TO INSTALL - Place the Receiver in Front of the Component You Wish to Control Or Attach the Bright Eye Emitter to It. Then Simply Replace One of the AA Or AAA Batteries in Your Remote with the Included Transmitter. Enjoy Newfound Freedom to Control From Room to Room -- No Direct Line of Sight Needed!
  • MODERN & MINIMAL - Simplify and Streamline Your Entertainment Center with This IR Repeater Kit. Use Our IR Extender for Cable Box, TV, Receiver, Roku Simple Remote, Amp, Blu-Ray Player, and Controlling Various IR-Controlled Devices Hidden in Cabinets Or Tucked Away Out of Sight.
  • 100 FT. RANGE THROUGH WALLS - IR Remote Control Extender Transmits Your Remote's Signal Up to 100 Feet Through Walls, Floors, Windows, and Doors Offering Limitless Control, Even From Outdoors. Serious Performance with Zero Lag and Impressive User-Friendly Functionality.
  • MORE CONTROL FOR TV - Wield Greater Control Over Your TV Volume and Channel Changing Ability. Use It As a Wireless Cable TV Extender to Change the Channel Or Adjust the Volume From Any Room, Including Downstairs to Upstairs. Works with All AA and AAA Remotes.
  • KIT INCLUDES - 1 X IR Receiver Extender with Built in Power Cell Charger. 1 X Power Adapter. 1 X Single Eye IR Emitter. 1 X Transmitter. 1 X Transmitter Adapter for AA Compartments. 2 X Power Rechargeable Power Cells.

4. USB IR Repeater - Infrared Remote Control Extender Repeater with 1 Emitters, 2 Emitters, 4 Emitters

  • Easy Setup: This IR Repeater System Is Easy to Use and Sets Up in Minutes
  • Control Audio Video Components in Entertainment Cabinets Or Equipment Closets Using Existing IR Remote Controls
  • High Sensitivity: Remote Control Signal Receiving Real-Time Response to Fast Forward Without Delay
  • Allows IR Signals to Pass Through Solid Doors Or Walls, Line-of-Sight to the Components Is Not Required Confirmation LED Built-In to the IR Receiver Acknowledges Receipt of IR Commands
  • 5V USB Power Supply(Adapter Not Included)

5. Cable Matters Infrared Remote Extender Cable, IR Repeater Cable - 10 Feet

  • IR Remote Control Cable Extends the Signal to a Video Source Like a Blu-Ray Player So It Can Be Controlled From Your TV; Blue LED in IR Receiver Bulb Verifies the Signal Transmission
  • Home Theater Accessory Repeats the IR Signal to a DVD Player, STB Box, Receiver Or Other A/V Source with An IR Sensor; Route the Infrared Remote Control Extender Cable Out of Sight with a Wall Mounted TV; Install the IR Transmitter End in a Concealed Equipment Closet to Hide a CATV Box and Control It Remotely
  • Simple Installation of This Lightweight IR Cable; Locate the IR Blaster Near the Source Sensor to Repeat the Signal to the Source; Place the IR Receiver in a Convenient Location with Line of Sight of Your Hand-Held Remote; IR Tx and Rx Cables Have Adhesive Circles on the Back for Mounting
  • Universal Compatibility of IR Extender Cable with Most A/V Equipment with Infrared Sensors (not RF); 30 Degree IR Receiver Angle Provides Plenty of Leeway to Get the Right Angle with Your Remote
  • USB Powered IR Extension Cable Has An Integrated 6 Foot Y-Cable to Receive 5V USB Power; USB Cable on the IR Remote Extender Cable Connects to a TV USB Power Port Or to a USB Wall Charger

6. OBVIS IR Infrared Remote Control Extender Repeater Kit Cable Hidden IR System Two Emitters One

  • Easy to Control Up to 2 Hidden Devices
  • High Sensitivity, Remote Control Signal Receive in Real-Time Reacts to the Emitters
  • Compatible with Devices in 34 - 60khz IR Frequency, That Is the Most Common Source of Remote Controlled Devices
  • Infrared Remote Control Repeater Kit Enables You to Hide Devices Such As Xbox One, Amplifer, Home Theatre, Cable Box and Other IR Controlled Devices Inside Cabinet Even Behind the Wall
  • Easy to Install: Simply Connect the Receiver and Emitters with 3.5mm Plug and Jack Given, Connect USB for Power Supply and Place the Receiver and Emitters Where Appropriate to Make It Works

7. BAFX Products (Infrared) IR Remote Control Extender or IR Repeater Kit - Control 1 to 8 Devices

  • CONTROL – With the Provided Components You Can Control Up to 8 Infrared Devices (Expandable to 12 Devices) From One Location with the Included IR Receiver (Expandable to 3 Receivers). Extra Receivers and Transmitters May Be Purchased Separately.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT – BAFX Products Offers a 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects with a Simple & Super Easy Claims Process. Not to Mention Our Friendly and Knowledgeable USA Based Support Who Are Ready to Help Answer Your Questions and Assist in Getting You Setup!
  • BUILD – Create the A/V Setup of Your Dreams with the Help of Our Infrared Repeater Kit. Our Kit Allows You to Place Any IR Controlled Device Out of Sight of the Remote Control and Still Be Able to Control It. Put the Cable Box, DVD Player & Roku in a Closet Hidden From View, Close the Door and STILL Be Able to Use the Remote Control.
  • COMPACT – A Smaller Footprint Than Many Other Kits on the Market Allows the Main Block to Placed Just About Anywhere Along with a New and Smaller IR Receiver for a More Discreet Look. With the Addition of Mounting Tabs on Either Side It Can Even Be Affixed to a Wall, Cabinet Or Ceiling!
  • IMPROVED! Now Compatible with ALL IR Controlled Devices with Better Performance, No Lag & Better Ease of Use. Now Also Compatible with Marantz Devices! Compatible with All Brands of Components Such As: Uverse, ATT, Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Yamaha, Sony, Logitech, Verizon, LG, Apple & More!

8. SIIG Pro Wireless IR Remote Control Extender Kit, Infrared Repeater Signal Booster, IR 20 to 60 KHz

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE IR Electronics Provide Real Time Signal Transmission Without Delay ; Features Click Lock ID Button Pairing the Transmitter and Receiver, Preventing Interference From Other Devices.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Portable Size Design with Bundled Infrared Extension Cables Allow Easy and Flexible Placement Anywhere in a Home Or Office Environment. Please Keep in Mind to Place the Extension Cables in Line-of-Sight of the Source IR Sensor No Further Than 2 Inches for Best Signal.
  • COMPLETE SIGNAL COVERAGE: Wireless RF Signals Operate Between the Transmitter and Receiver, Allowing You to Move Around Freely and Still Be in Control of Your A/V Or IR-Enabled Equipment Remotely Up to 200 Meters(656 Feet) Away(line-of-Sight), Depending on Surrounding Obstructions.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Aluminum Housing Enhances Heat Dissipation and Durability for Durable and Dependable Performance. Supported with a 2 Year Warranty and Life Time Technical Support Located in California.
  • WIDE COMPATABILITY: IR Receiving Module Recognizes IR Signal Frequency Ranges From 20 to 60 KHz, Compatible with Most IR-Equipped Devices Such As DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Satellite Receivers, Audio/Hi-Fi Stereo Systems, Etc.

9. SZBJ IR Repeater,IR Remote Control Extender,Battery Powered Hide IR Remote Control Extender,Infrared

  • Low Power Consumption, No External Power Supply Is Required, Only One 3VCR2032 Button Battery Is Required, Which Can Be Used for More Than 90 Days.
  • It Is Suitable for Home Theater and Hotel, You Can Control Your AV Equipment That Is Hidden in a Closed Cabinet Out of Sight.Thank You for Your Purchase and Support. If You Encounter Difficulties in Installation, You Can Contact Us in Time and We Will Be Happy to Solve the Problem for You.
  • Strong Compatibility: 30K-56KHz Broadband Receiving , Compatible with Most Infrared Remote Control Devices, Especially Good for IR Repeater Kit in Our Store .
  • With Emitter's Extreme Transmitting Capabilities, It Can Extend the Remote Signals for All the AV Equipment Without Having to Stick Individual Emitter Onto Each of the Equipment.The Receiving Distance Is (26FT)
  • Package Content : 1 X Flat IR Repeater, 1 X User Manual, 1 X FIB Button Battery.

10. BAFX Products - RF Wireless IR Repeater Kit / Infrared Remote Control Extender Kit; Hide Your Cable

  • Does Your Remote Control Stop Working If Your Cable Box Is 20' Away But You Want to Put the Cable Box Downstairs? Not a Problem with Our Wireless Remote Control Extender!
  • Simple to Follow Setup Video, Helpful Technical Support and An Awesome, 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty From BAFX Products!
  • Sit and Change Channels on the Cable Box While the Box Is in the Basement and Your Upstairs.
  • Hide Your IR Remote Controlled Devices Completely Out of Sight! In Another Room, in the Cabinet Or Wherever You Can Imagine!
  • Suitable for Most Homes 3-5,000 SQFT Or Less. Our Wireless IR Extender Can Span 50-300ft, Depending on Your Homes Contstruction Which Can Reduce the Distance It May Span.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I boost my remote control signal?

Here's an easy project that will increase the range of any infrared remote control by. Creating an

2. What does a remote extender do?

This one is often a remote control that will come with a satellite or cable television set-top box

3. How far can a TV remote reach?

Since light is used to transmit the signal, IR remotes require line-of-sight, which means you need an open path between the transmitter and receiver. This means that IR remotes won't work through walls or around corners. They also have a limited range of about 30 feet.

4. What remote works through walls?

RF remotes use specific radio frequencies, typically a license-free 2.4 GHz bandwidth, to transmit a signal to a receiving device. The signals are able to be sent through objects like walls and furniture, extending the remote's range.