Best Propolis Capsules In November 2022

Choosing the propolis capsules can be difficult because there are a variety of options from different brands on the market, such as Puritan's Pride,Carlyle,Doctor Danielle,Vivid Health Nutrition. We put together a list of the best propolis capsules to help you find the one you want.

Our experts tested a variety of propolis capsules in the market. Our top pick is Puritan's Pride Propolis Capsules. Check out our best [count] for all of our favorites, and be sure to read our buying guide to get all the information you need to make the best choice!

Editor's Choice
NOW Supplements, Royal Jelly 1000 mg with 10-HDA (Hydroxy-D-Decenoic Acid), 60 Softgels
NOW Supplements, Royal Jelly 1000 mg with 10-HDA (Hydroxy-D-Decenoic Acid), 60 Softgels
Premium Pick
Puritan's Pride Royal Jelly 500 mg-120 Softgels (Packaging May Vary)
Puritan's Pride Royal Jelly 500 mg-120 Softgels (Packaging May Vary)
Budget Pick
Royal Jelly Capsule | 2500mg | 120 Count | Non-GMO and Gluten Free Formula | Traditional Supplement
Royal Jelly Capsule | 2500mg | 120 Count | Non-GMO and Gluten Free Formula | Traditional Supplement

Top 10 Best Propolis Capsules Reviews 2022

1. NOW Supplements, Royal Jelly 1000 mg with 10-HDA (Hydroxy-D-Decenoic Acid), 60 Softgels

  • Packaged in the USA by a Family Owned and Operated Company Since 1968
  • 1000 Mg EQUIVALENCY/14 Mg 10-HDA: NOW Royal Jelly Has Been Freeze-Dried to Maintain Maximum Stability and Is Among the Finest Products Available. 10-HDA (hydroxy-D-Decenoic Acid) Is One of the Active, Measurable Components of Royal Jelly.
  • Product Note: Exposure to Heat Or Sunlight May Lead to Melting/damage of Product. Hence Customers Are Expected to Be Available During the Product Delivery
  • GMP Quality Assured: NOW Closely Adheres to Both Mandatory U.S. FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) Regulations and Voluntary Natural Products Association (NPA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Regulations. Good Manufacturing Practices Ensure Compliance with Sanitation, Processing, Documentation, and Testing Requirements That Are Designed to Promote Consistent, Highly Reproducible Product Quality and Safety.
  • During the Summer Months Products May Arrive Warm But Amazon Stores and Ships Products in Accordance with Manufacturers' Recommendations, When Provided.
  • CLASSIFICATIONS/CERTIFICATIONS: Non-GMO, Kosher Contains Gelatin, Soy Free, Dairy Free
  • SUPERFOOD: Royal Jelly Has a Complex Nutritional Profile That Includes Nucleotides, Polyphenols, and Unique Organic Acids. It Has Been Used Traditionally Since Ancient Times As a Health Tonic. Take 1 Softgel 1 to 2 Times Daily.

2. Puritan's Pride Royal Jelly 500 mg-120 Softgels (Packaging May Vary)

Puritan's Pride Royal Jelly 500 mg-120 Softgels (Packaging May Vary)
By - Puritan's Pride
  • Gluten Free
  • One Month Supply
  • Scientifically Formulated
  • Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements

3. Royal Jelly Capsule | 2500mg | 120 Count | Non-GMO and Gluten Free Formula | Traditional Supplement

  • NATURALLY FREE OF: Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Milk, Lactose, Soy, Artificial Flavor and Non-GMO
  • ROYAL JELLY: Nutrient-Rich Superfood and Thick Liquid Substance Produced by Honey Bees
  • CARLYLE MANUFACTURERS: Laboratory Tested, Trusted Ingredients, Superior Quality, 100% Guaranteed!
  • TRADITIONAL FORMULA: Delivers the Equilvalent of 2,500 Mg Per Serving in Quick-Release Capsules
  • ROOTED IN WELLNESS: Carlyle Provides Premium, Honest Supplements in Your Pursuit to Healthy Living

4. Dr. Danielle's Bee Wise - Bee Pollen Supplement - Bee Well with Royal Jelly, Propolis, Beepollen in

Dr. Danielle's Bee Wise - Bee Pollen Supplement - Bee Well with Royal Jelly, Propolis, Beepollen in
By - Doctor Danielle
  • 750mg Bee Pollen, 1000mg Propolis, 1500mg Royal Jelly Per 4 Capsules
  • Veggie Caps! No Fillers, Binders, Or Artificial Ingredients.
  • Made in the USA in GMP Certified Facilities
  • Naturopathic Physican and Biochemist Formulated
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

5. Costar Royal Jelly 1450mg 365 Capsules Australian Made

  • Packed with Essential Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals. Improves Hair & Skin Health.
  • New Benefits of Taking Royal Jelly, Such As Improved Liver Function, Relieving Stress, Lowering Cholesterol.
  • Traditionally Recognised for Its Ability to Increase Vitality, Improve Digestion and Condition the Skin, Hair and Nails.
  • Directions: Take 1 to 2 Capsules Daily, Or As Recommended by a Healthcare Professional. If Symptoms Persist, Consult Your Healthcare Professional. This Product Is a Natural Food Supplement and Should Not Replace a Balanced and Nutritious Diet.

6. Immune Boosting Royal Jelly Supplement with Bee Propolis & Pollen, 90 Caps

Immune Boosting Royal Jelly Supplement with Bee Propolis & Pollen, 90 Caps
By - Vivid Health Nutrition
  • ROYAL JELLY FOR IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Royal Jelly Is a Highly Nutritious Substance Made by Nurse Bees to Feed the Colony's Queen. With a Vast Array of Benefits, Royal Jelly Supports a Healthy Immune System and Has Also Been Associated with Easing Inflammation and Is a Potent Source of Antioxidants and Probiotics, Making This Superfood An Essential Supplement for Optimal Health. This Royal Jelly Matrix Contains High Concentrations of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Enzymes and Antioxidants.
  • PREMIUM GRADE, PURE, NATURAL FORMULA: At Vivid Health Nutrition, We Only Use the Highest Grade Ingredients That Are Clinically Tested for Purity, Accuracy and Dosage, to Ensure That Your Supplement Is the Highest Quality Product on the Market Today. This Powerful Formula Is Manufactured in a CGMP Compliant Facility in the USA and Is HPLC and Infrared Tested to Ensure That You're Getting the Actual Ingredients with Consistent, Accurate Dosages to Match the Ingredients Label.
  • CONCENTRATED, HIGH QUALITY BLEND: Our High Potency Combination of Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis, and Bee Pollen Utilizes 100% All-Natural Ingredients in a Highly Concentrated Blend for a Superior Supplement. This Clinically Formulated, Third-Party Tested, Superfood Blend Has the Equivalent of 2,500mg of Bee Propolis and 1,400mg of Pure, Fresh Royal Jelly.
  • BEE PROPOLIS RESTORES DAMAGED SKIN: Bee Propolis Has Been Associated with Healing and Restoring Damaged Cells and Providing Antiseptic Qualities. It Also Has Outstanding Skin Care Properties and Is Used for Its Ability to Soothe and Repair Problematic Skin While Boosting the Rate of Cellular Growth and Decongesting Pores.
  • EASES INFLAMMATION: Bee Pollen Delivers Strong Anti-Inflammatory Benefits and Antioxidant Support Which Results in Helping You Feel Stronger, Healthier and More Focused. The Formula in Our Royal Jelly Supplement Has a Vast Array of Scientifically Researched Benefits Which Aid in Overall Health and Wellness. Royal Jelly Has Also Been Scientifically Researched in a Double-Blind Study to Boost Cognitive Function and Provide Glucose Support. Our Safe and Effective Formula Is Vegetarian Friendly.

7. Royal Jelly - Easy Liquid Drops - Bee Powered Superfood - Natural Source of Vitamins, Minerals,

  • FOOD OF THE EMPERORS - In Cultures Around the World, Royal Jelly Has Been Used to Promote a Healthy and Long Life. Because It's Such a Precious Substance (so Little Is Made, and It's Not Easy to Harvest), Historical Use Was Mostly for Royalty, Just Like in the Honey Bee Hive. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Royal Jelly Is Called “food of the Emperors”, and Has Long Been Prescribed to Lengthen Life, Promote Energy and Vitality, and Prevent Illness.
  • EASY LIQUID DROPS - Daily Use Is Super Easy and Convenient. The Included Dropper Top Allows You to Easily Take a Quick Serving. You No Longer Have to Worry About Swallowing Difficult Pills. Our Royal Jelly Is Made From Freeze Dried Concentrate That Is Common in Pill Form, and Also Found in Face and Skin Serums. Royal Jelly Concentrate Is Fresh Royal Jelly That Has Been Freeze Dried to Remove Its Moisture. This Concentrates the Substance. One Serving Is Equivalent to 500mg of Fresh Royal Jelly.
  • PURE AND SIMPLE INGREDIENTS - Our Royal Jelly Is Manufactured in the USA with High-Quality Ingredients and Packaged in a Glass Bottle. It Is Made From Only Royal Jelly Concentrate, Purified Water and Organic Vegetable Glycerin Made From Palms. We Do Not Include Any Honey, Sugar, Unnecessary Flavors Or Artificial Ingredients. Our Unique Blending Process Allows Us to Slightly Re-Hydrate Royal Jelly Concentrate and Preserve It, Thereby Making It Stable Outside of Refrigeration.
  • EXCLUSIVE FOOD OF THE QUEEN BEE - Royal Jelly Is a Milky Secretion Produced by Honey Worker Bees to Help Nurture Queen Bees. Royal Jelly Is Essentially the Nutrient-Rich Fuel That Helps the Queen Bee Grow and Thrive. While All Larvae Are Fed Royal Jelly for the First Three Day of Life, the Queens Are Bathed in Royal Jelly in Special Queen Cells Throughout Development and Fed Only Royal Jelly Throughout Their Life. This Royalty-Only Classification Gave Way to Royal Jelly's Name.
  • BEE POWERED SUPER FOOD - Royal Jelly Is a Nutrient-Rich Superfood Used As a Health Tonic and Wellness Booster Supplement. It Contains Lots of Protein, Amino Acids, Healthy Fats, Vitamins, and Minerals. It Contains All the B Vitamins, and Traces of Vitamin C. Royal Jelly Also Contains Collagen (the Major Protein in Our Skin, Hair, Nails, Bones, and Veins), and Several Antioxidant Enzymes.

8. YS Eco Bee Farms Royal Jelly 2,000 mg - 75 Capsules (Pack of 2)

YS Eco Bee Farms Royal Jelly 2,000 mg - 75 Capsules (Pack of 2)
By - YS Eco Bee Farms
  • Y.S. Beekeepers of Generations Have Been Dedicated to Research and Develop the Highest Quality Bee Products.
  • YS Royal Jelly 2,000 Milligrams
  • 75 Capsules, 2 Pack
  • Royal Jelly Contains Life Forming Highly Nutritional Complexity of Nature's Superfood That Queen Bee Feeds on and Incredibly Lays Over 2,000 Eggs Per Day.

9. Supersmart - Organic Royal Jelly 4 % 10-HDA 100 mg - Support Immune System - Helps to Restore

  • 100% SATISFACTION - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We Want You to Be Fully Satisfied Since 1992! Every Order Is Guaranteed for 1 Year So You Can Shop with Confidence. If You Are Not Satisfied with Our Product, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee. Ping Us 24/7 Regarding Any Questions. Supersmart: Innovation and Excellence Since 1992!
  • CONTAIN: Organic, Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly Standardized to 4% 10-HDA Other Ingredients: Acacia Gum, Rice Bran.
  • WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? This Supplement Is Used to Restore Energy Levels and Boost Weak Immune System Through the Change in Seasons. Helps Regenerate and Revitalize Youthfulness to the Skin and Nails.
  • WHAT IS IT? Organic Royal Jelly Is An 100% Organic Substance That Contains Essential Nutrients with Benefits for the Immune System.
  • HOW TO TAKE IT? Take 2 Capsules with Breakfast and Another with Lunch.

10. Healthy Care Royal Jelly 1000 365 Capsules Supplements Made in Australia

  • Hight Concentration of Vitamins and Minerals Approximately 12% Proteins, 17 Different Amino Acids (including All Eight Essential Amino Acids Making It a Complete Protein), B-Complex Vitamins That Produce Energy in the Body, Iron and Calcium Necessary for Healthy Blood and Bones and Vitamins A, C and E Which Are Important Antioxidants That Can Neutralise Free Radicals.
  • Royal Jelly Has Also Shown Potential for Reducing High Blood Pressure Lowering Cholesterol
  • Royal Jelly Is a Premium Nutritious Food Produced by the Bees Exclusively for the Queen Bee.
  • The Health Benefits of Royal Jelly Are Extensive and Studies Around the World Are Confirming the Countless Effects It Has on Numerous Health Conditions.
  • Royal Jelly Aids, Assists Or Helps in the Maintenance of General Wellbeing.