Best Programmable Keypad Keyboards In December 2022

In this article, we will explore the switches for osu that is now on the market. In addition to that, we have provided you with a detailed guide that will assist you in choosing the right product. We really hope that by looking through the reviews of the top best switches for osu products that we've provided below, you'll be able to quickly narrow your choices and select the one that satisfies your needs the best.

We have spent more than 76 hours testing a lot of switches for osu. According to our research, we think Vaydeer Switches For Osu is the best overall. For more of our top picks, read on! Also, check out our buying guide for some suggestions on how to choose the right cat toy.

Editor's Choice
VAYDEER One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard Support NKRO, Hotkeys, One-Click Start,9 Fully Programmable
VAYDEER One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard Support NKRO, Hotkeys, One-Click Start,9 Fully Programmable
Premium Pick
One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard Portable USB Mini 12 Key Multifunction DIY Programmable Keypad
One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard Portable USB Mini 12 Key Multifunction DIY Programmable Keypad
Budget Pick
Programmable Macro PC Keyboard User-Defined USB Button Single Keyboard Switch OSU Keypad Game
Programmable Macro PC Keyboard User-Defined USB Button Single Keyboard Switch OSU Keypad Game

Top 10 Best Programmable Keypad Keyboards Reviews 2022

1. VAYDEER One-Handed Mechanical Keyboard Support NKRO, Hotkeys, One-Click Start,9 Fully Programmable

  • Multifunctional Keyboard with Easy Setup:This Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Supports Multimedia Control, Hotkeys, One-Click Start, Real Mouse, Macro, Etc. Simple Settings Achieve Complex Key Funtions Such As One-Click Start:folders / Documents / Common Websites / APPs / System Function, Etc. Powerful But Easy to Set Up. Just Set the Function You Want on the Key, Then Drag the Function Key to the Corresponding Virtual Key, and Remember to Click FLASH THE KEYBOARD, and It's Done.
  • OTA Upgrade and Setting Sharing:The Macro Keyboard Supports OTA Online Upgrade. Timely Push Message Reminds You to Update the Firmware for More Useful Functions. Easy Setting and You Can Export/import Your Settings for Backup. No More Set Up for Different Computers. You Can Also Share Your Settings with Friends. If You Have Any Problems with This One-Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard, Please Feel Free to Contact Us, We Are Sure to Provide You with a Satisfactory Solution.
  • As One of Few Top-Level Manufacturers in This Industry, We Are Professional Not Only in Product Design But Also in Customer Service. Your Suggestions and Opinions Are the Key to Improving Our Product. Any Questions Are Welcomed and We'll Offer You a Satisfying Solution Within 24H/7D.
  • Work Partner and Game Booster:The Mechanical Keyboard Can Save a Lot of Time Wasted During Working Via One-Click Copy / Paste / Delete/ One Click to Open the System Settings, Which Can Greatly Improve the Efficiency of Working. Besides, It's Also a Great Game Booster.You Can Do Multiple Combos Or Shovel Slide with One Click for CSGO, OSU, Etc. Four Different Modes of Macro for Better Control. No Repeat,Repeat by Holding, Trigger(upcoming),sequence(upcoming).
  • 6 Functional Layers and 9 NKRO Keys:6 Customizable Functional Layers for Diferent Scene. One for Gaming, One for Designing, It's Up to You. And You Can Switch Between Layers by Scrolling the Mouse in the Floating Window Area, Or You Can Switch Layers Automatically Based on the Application You Are Using. 9 Non-Conflict Keys with Macros Allows You to Press Or Hold Multiple Keys Simultaneously, Giving You Accurate Response with High Speed and Experiencing a New Level of Gaming and Typing.
  • User-Friendly Interface and Floating Window:With User-Friendly Interface and Real-Time Floating Window, You Will Never Forget the Function of the Key Being Used At the Moment. This One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard Can Make Your Work Faster and More Efficient, and Make the Game Experience More Comfortable and Smooth. Besides, You Can Carry the Macro Keyboard Anywhere Due to the Compact and Elegant Design.

2. One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard Portable USB Mini 12 Key Multifunction DIY Programmable Keypad

  • BRING YOU CONVENIENCE: This Is a 12 Key Programmable Keyboard with Adjustment Knob, You Can Set the Shortcut Keys to Reduce the Cumbersome Process.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: The Mini Keyboard with Multi Functions, You Can Set All the Key Functions on the for Windows Keyboard, and Realize Complicated and Complex Shortcut Keys with One Key.
  • SETTABLE KNOB: The Knob Can Also Be Set, with Functions Such As, Play the Previous Song, the Next Song, Volume Up, Volume Down, Pause, Play and Other Functions.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: The Keyboard Need to Operate in Windows System, It Has a Storage Function, Which Can Be Used on Systems That Support Usb Protocol Such As for OS X, Etc. After Setting It Up on the for Windows System.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Type C to USB Interface, No Need for Drivers, Plug and Play, No Conflict Between the Computer and Multiple Keyboards, Convenient and Easy to Carry.

3. Programmable Macro PC Keyboard User-Defined USB Button Single Keyboard Switch OSU Keypad Game

  • How to Use:Please Open the Link to Download the Setting Software:, and Connect the Keyboard to the Computer Through the Micro USB Cable,The Software Will Recognize the Device, and Then You Can Freely Set the Keycode You Want.It's Easy !!
  • The Keyboard with Blue LED Light,Blue Switch, Mechanical Keyboard
  • Package Include:Please Open the Link to Download the Setting Software,1*single Key,1*1m USB Cable
  • Everyone Have Different Needs,Some Special Combinations Key That We Have Not Listed May Not Work, Thank You for Your Understanding.
  • 1.Support Any Key Keyboard Eg."enter", "ESC" "A" and So On;2.Support Key Combination Eg. A Key to Copy/paste/"Ctrl + Shift + S";3.Support Multimedia Control Eg. Cut the Song and Volume Adjustment;4.Mouse Click Function,Left Button,Right Button,Middle Button;5.Support a Key to Enter the Password,Auto Click A String of Characters,like"ijnr00Ed"
  • This Is a Standard HID Keyboard with Programmable Key,You Can Set the Keyboard Buttons. It Can As Usb Pushbutton Swith for Game/DIY.

4. kwmobile 2 Key Macro Keyboard - Mini Programmable 2 Key 4 Button 1-Handed Keypad Macro Pad

  • ERGONOMIC: The Macro Pad for Gaming Is Specifically Designed to Be As Comfortable As Possible During Use. It's Suitable for One-Handed Use, Whether Gaming Or Working.
  • 6 BUTTONS: Features 2 Keys and 3 Buttons (each Programmable) Plus 1 Extra Button to Control the Backlight That You Can Personalize. The Macropad Is Perfect for Gaming Or As An Extra Mini Keyboard for Your Work Computer Or Laptop.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: This Keyboard Comes Pre-Programmed to X and Y Keys. However, with Compatible Third-Party Software Found Online, the Input Can Be Customized
  • NON SLIP: This Extra Keyboard Features 6 Rubber Pads on the Underside to Help Keep It in Place, Making It Perfect for Gaming As It Won't Slide Around on Your Desk, No Matter How Intense the Game Gets.
  • SPECS: This Macro Pad Measures 2.4" X 2.2" X 0.5" (6.2 X 5.7 X 1.2cm). It Features 2 Programmable Keys, 3 Programmable Buttons and 1 Extra Button to Control the Backlight. The 2 Keys Are Pre-Programmed to X and Y. Connect Using the Micro USB Cable.

5. Max Keyboard Falcon-20 Programmable Macropad Mechanical Keyboard

  • * Falcon-20 RGB Is Pre-Programmed with Numerical Keys (Picture #4)
  • * Programmable 20 Key Macropad Mechanical Keyboard
  • * RGB Color LED with 8 Level Backlight Mode
  • * Riser Feet and Plastic Feet Are Included (Not Installed)
  • * Programming Tutorial Video and Programming Software Are Available At Website

6. BTXETUEL 12 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard One Handed Keypad USB-C Wired OSU Keypad Programmable and

  • 1. With 12 Cherry Red Speed Switches.
  • 4. The Function of Custom Keypad: Shortcut Keys, Multi-Step Operation, Multi-Key in One, Copy and Paste, Cut, Undo, Redo, Select All, Play, Pause, Volume, Switch Song, Forward, Backward, Custom Script, Etc.
  • 2. HID Standard Keyboard, Plug and Play Without Driver.
  • 6. If You Have Any Problem with This Product, Please Contact Us and We Will Help You to Deal with It.
  • 5. Each Button Can Be Set to a Different Function Mode Without Affecting Each Other.
  • 3. Compatible With Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry and It's Easy to Use for Everyone.

7. 6 Keys HID Standard DIY Customize USB Programmable Mechanical Keyboard Macro keypad Shortcut

  • Each Button Can Be Set to a Different Function Mode Without Affecting Each Other
  • This Keyboard Supports Multiple Function Modes
  • The Button Function Can Be Set by Yourself, There Is a Dedicated Setting Program, and the Setting Can Be Repeated
  • Onboard Storage, the Settings Are Saved in the Keyboard, No Need to Set Again to Replace the Device
  • HID Standard Keyboard, No Need to Drive, Plug and Play

8. X-keys Programmable Keypads and Keyboards

  • Individual Addressable Backlighting Under Each Key
  • Perfect for CAD, Photoshop, Lightroom and More
  • Includes Programming Software for Windows. MAC and Linux Users Will Need to Program the Device in HW Mode on a Windows 7/8/10. Once Programmed the Macros Are Stored on the Device's MCU, the Unit Can Then Be Brought Over to a Computer Running MAC/Linux for Use.
  • 60 Keys with USB Connection to Computer
  • Grouped Keys for Intuitive Access

9. USB Programmable KVM Keypads and Keyboards

  • Compatible with Any KVM Supporting USB Keyboard
  • Includes Programming Software for Windows XP Or Newer
  • Emulates a USB Keyboard
  • Sends Key Combinations and Macros
  • Easily Program and Reproduce Multiple Devices

10. 9 Keys 24 Macro Programmable Setting Keypad RGB Backlight Mechanical Keyboard

  • [Support Mac/ Windows System] Support MAC System, All Key Settings Need to Be Preset in Windows System, the Keyboard Will Be Automatically Saved, and Then Can Be Inserted in MAC System Computer Or Notes. (if You Need Instruction, Please Contact Customer Service.)
  • [9-Key Programmable & 24 Macro Key Function] The User-Defined Programmable Key Function, Including the General 104 Keys and Other Keyboard Functions; the Macro Key Function, You Can Set the Combination Key, Such As: Game Shortcut Key, OSU!, Office / WPS / CAD / AE / PR / PS and a Series of Macro Key Function Settings, Such As Programming Code.
  • [RGB Version&4-Layer Custom Configurations] RGB Full Color,Support a Variety of Color Adjustment, Brightness Can Be Adjusted At Will;Built-In MCU,4 Layers Key Settings Can Be Switched At Will,When the Keyboard Is Preset, It Will Be Saved Automatically Without Changing the Computer. It Is Suitable for Game Players and Other Users, Such As Programmers, Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Etc.
  • [Package Include] 1*9 Keys Keyboard;1*Electronic Manual;Electronic ManualElectronic Manual1*Type C Cable;1*Change Keycap Tool
  • [Portable One Handed Keyboard] Size:6.5x6.8x2.8cm;keyboard:about 72g;Material:High-Grade Ground Plexiglass;Outemu Mechanical Switch, 50 Million Times Life Pure Copper Foot Can Plug and Play,and Use a 104-Key Keyboard with the Same PC At the Same Time,they Will Not Interfere with Each Other.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What type of keyboard is best for programming?

The best keyboards for programmers in 2022 in full. Mountain Everest Max. Best mechanical keyboard for programmers. Kinesis Freestyle Pro. Best keyboard for programmers that want ergonomics. Glorious GMMK PRO. Obinslab Anne Pro 2. Logitech MX Keys. Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad. EVGA Z15.Mountain Everest Max. Best mechanical keyboard for programmers. ,Kinesis Freestyle Pro. Best keyboard for programmers that want ergonomics. ,Glorious GMMK PRO. ,Obinslab Anne Pro 2. ,Logitech MX Keys. ,Apple Magic Keyboard with Keypad. ,EVGA Z15.,

2. Are there programmable keyboards?

There are two types of programmable keyboards: those that let you reprogram any key on the keyboard (“fully-programmable”) and those that add extra keys to the keyboard for programming macros.

3. What is a Macropad keyboard?

A macropad is a small keyboard that provides extra keys to supplement your main keyboard. They're handy for programming things on them like media controls, shortcuts, and macros.

4. Are mechanical keyboards programmable?

An awesome feature that comes with some mechanical keyboards is the ability to program certain keys. This will allow you to set commands and shortcuts to keys of your choice. If you constantly use a combination of keys, you can set that to a programmable key that is easy and fast to press in the middle of the action.

5. What is a programmable keypad?

An auxiliary keypad that can be programmed to enter menu sequences or strings of text with one keystroke. After being programmed, most keypads stand alone, while others require software running in the computer.