Best Polly Pocket In June 2023

There are plenty of great polly pocket to choose from, such as Polly Pocket, it's difficult for customers to make a shopping decision. We have done a thorough research and found the top best polly pocket on the market right now.

Our experts tested a variety of polly pocket in the market. Right on top of the list is Polly Pocket Polly Pocket. Check out some more of our favorites below, and read some valuable insight from the experienced editors.

Editor's Choice
Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset
Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset
Premium Pick
Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset
Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset
Budget Pick
​Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park
​Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park

Top 10 Best Polly Pocket Reviews 2023

1. Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset

  • ​It's a tropical party with the Polly Pocket Flamingo Party playset! Get the party fun started by pulling the flamingo leg tabs and then watch the colorful stream of confetti and 26 surprises fall from the playset!
  • ​There's also a treasure chest that opens to reveal storage; Pop & Swap accessories can be pegged in on the hut roof, treetop, the beach and water; and items like the surfboard, floatie and dolphin can be attached to the wave and more!
  • ​Includes playset, tropical activity areas and 26 surprises (micro Margot and friend dolls, Pop & Swap pieces and additional accessories).
  • ​The Pop & Swap feature lets kids peg the pieces into different areas of the compact for endless play possibilities!
  • ​Explore these fun activities and more: clip a doll on the palm tree trunk to climb up and down; clip the monkey to the tree and the doll can clip to the monkey and swing; and flip the big leaf on the hut to reveal a banquet and spinning dance floor.

2. Polly Pocket Mini Toys, Large Compact Playset

  • ​Makes a great birthday and holiday gift for ages 4 years old and up especially those who love unicorns, castles, princesses and surprises!
  • Open the playset to discover dazzling princess activities: a charming castle opens to reveal a throne and bedroom
  • ​Many of the surprise accessories have a plug and play feature so kids can plug them into the compact playset to spin them or have the dolls ride or interact with them.
  • ​Find even more fun ways to play with these accessories that can be placed inside and outside of the playset: 2 unicorns and a carriage
  • ​It's the ultimate "surprise" party fun with the Polly Pocket Unicorn Party playset! The exciting party fun starts by pulling the tab and then watching the colorful stream of confetti and over 25 surprises fall from the playset!

3. ​Polly Pocket Rainbow Funland Theme Park

  • Play out the fun again and again at the Rainbow Funland Theme Park with Polly Pocket!
  • Seven castle play areas include three turrets, a throne room, gift shop, game room and food court.
  • Kids can further explore the three castle turrets to find a bathroom, an extra play space and a secret surprise--kids use a key to unlock a turret area to find the golden unicorn!
  • Get ready for theme park fun with the Rainbow Funland Theme Park featuring 3 rides, 7 play areas, Polly and Shani dolls, 2 unicorns and 25 surprises (30 total play pieces).
  • Ride the roller coaster, the unicorn carousel and the Ferris wheel (which dispenses surprises by turning the yellow star knob and surprises are reloadable).

4. Polly Pocket Travel Toys, Gumball Bear Playset

  • ​Turn the candy wheel to reveal the front panel and continue turning to dispense non-edible gumballs that have surprises inside!
  • ​The Polly Pocket Gumball Bear Playset features 4 play spaces and 32 total play pieces (includes micro Polly and Shani dolls, 6 non-edible gumballs and more) for loads of sweet fun!
  • ​Some accessory pieces have a Pop & Swap peg feature like the lollipop swing so kids can plug them in different areas for endless play possibilities!
  • ​Activities include a gingerbread house that opens; a cash register with a pop-up receipt; serving ice cream; sliding down an ice cream mountain; a spinning chocolate piece; a candy dispenser hideout; and a display of spinning candies.
  • ​The playset sides extend down for play activity and the bear's cap opens to reveal a sweet treat café.

5. Polly Pocket Backyard Barbeque Playset

  • You're invited to a backyard barbeque bash with Polly doll!
  • A table for two features chairs, plates, cups, soda and colorful decorations overhead.
  • The ultimate celebration space, the barbeque is complete with grill, TV and all the fixings!
  • Flip the inside of the barbeque to reveal hamburgers and hot dogs, then use the tongs and spatula to cook them to perfection.
  • Includes Backyard Barbeque Bash playset, 1 3-inch Polly doll dressed in a fun outdoorsy outfit with her locket and additional storytelling items.
  • Barbeque-inspired accessories, like ketchup and mustard, add to the storytelling fun.

6. Polly Pocket Doll House, Pollyville Pocket House

  • ​Sticker sheet with Polly Stick technology allows kids to stick the stickers anywhere and Polly doll and friends will can stick on the sticker.
  • ​Includes fun play pieces for set up: a rocking horse, Paxton's high chair, a table and 2 chairs, couch, Peaches' doghouse, a trampoline and bike.
  • ​Inspired by Polly's house in her tiny hometown of Pollyville, Pocket House features a babysitting theme and opens to reveal 4 stories, 5 rooms, 4 fun reveals, 11 accessories plus micro Polly and Paxton Pocket dolls and Peaches the dog.
  • ​Place Polly doll's feet in the bicycle pedals, push the bike, and the doll moves like she's riding the bike.
  • ​House floors and activities include: Polly's bedroom

7. Polly Pocket Sushi Shop Cat Compact

  • Some accessories have a Pop & Swap feature so kids can peg them into different areas of the compact for endless play possibilities.
  • Discover fun dining activities: the food stall opens; the sushi table rotates with a cat chef at the helm; and the food moves back and forth on the sushi bar.
  • Wearable compact has an adjustable strap and is easy to take on the go!
  • The Polly Pocket Sushi Shop Cat Compact has a cat-shaped exterior and features a squishy foam sushi piece. Compact opens to an interactive Japanese sushi-inspired restaurant and includes micro Polly and friend dolls.
  • Play out Japanese sushi restaurant-inspired adventures with accessories, like the grill that flips and the vending machine that opens.

8. Polly Pocket Pollyville Super Slidin' Water Park

  • Makes a great gift for ages 4 years old and up especially those who love to make a splash, slides and water sports!
  • Playset includes a purple seashell (fill with water), then placed at the top of the large slide –squeeze -and the water runs down the slide! Also place the seashell filled with water in the hole on top of the jellyfish fountain –squeeze – and it flows like a fountain! So fun!
  • Have a splashy fun time at the Pollyville Super Slidin' Water Park featuring micro Polly and Lila dolls and super-fun, super-slidin' activities!
  • So much fun means the girls need a break! They can grab an ice cream at the ice cream cart, relax in the beach chair, keep watch in the lifeguard chair, swing in the hammock and get a refreshing drink at the tiki bar!
  • Includes a freestanding ticket booth and locker room (door opens) so the girls can get their tickets and change!
  • Get slidin' by placing Polly doll in the blue elevator at the top of the slide and press the door to make Polly doll whoosh down the slide! Place Shani doll in the innertube and she can slide down the winding slide!
  • Super Slidin' Water Park includes micro Polly and Lila dolls, water park with 3 slides and jellyfish fountain, freestanding ticket booth and locker room, water-fillable seashell, ice cream cart, beach chair, lifeguard chair, hammock and tiki bar.

9. Polly Pocket Arrive in Style Limo Vehicle

  • Ready to roll, the limo has a sleek design and is perfect for transporting Polly to the party.
  • Go for a fun-filled makeup and fashion ride with Polly doll in the Arrive in Style Limo!
  • They're almost there—Polly doll quickly slips into her dress and shoes. What a transformation! Now it's time for her grand entrance at the party! Wow—she made it and looks great!
  • Dressed in her romper, robe and slippers, Polly doll gets ready in the limo with her makeup case, perfume and more! Will she make it in time
  • Arrive in Style Limo set includes 3-inch Polly doll, Limo vehicle, 3 hangars, makeup case, perfume bottle, lotion bottle, locket, shopping bag, romper, robe, slippers, shoes and dress.

10. Polly Pocket Pocket World Owlnite Campsite Compact

  • With fun activities and accessories, Polly and Shani dolls are all set for the ultimate camping adventure
  • Includes Pocket World Owlnite Campsite compact, micro Polly and Shani dolls, boat accessory and sticker sheet. For ages 4 and up.
  • Discover and explore these fun activities and reveals: the camper folds down into a glamping bathroom (doll can sit on the toilet); dolls can rock back and forth and hang from the moon hammock; sleeping bag opens so the girls lay underneath it; tree area opens to reveal a squirrel's nest; the girls can walk on the lake deck and fish, and "spin" the water to reveal what's under the water; and make a splash with the boat accessory
  • This adorable Pocket World Owlnite Campsite compact is great for On-the-Go fun and opens to a fun-filled camping adventure with micro Polly and Shani dolls and a boat accessory.
  • Polly Stick technology lets you stick the dolls anywhere on the compact. Just place the sticker from the sticker sheet (included) anywhere and the dolls will stick to the sticker.
  • Compact comes with a strap so kids can wear it as a wristlet or purse and it is small enough to take anywhere