Best Mouse Grip Tape In March 2023

There are many options of mouse grip tape to choose from, such as JOMKIZ,3M,HOTWEEMS,Elevation Lab,Hokeyio,BTL, and more, so how do you know which one is the best? We put together a list of the best mouse grip tape to help you find the one you want.

Based on our extensive evaluations and more than 170 of testing dozens of mouse grip tape in different price ranges, we have concluded this list of the mouse grip tape. We picked JOMKIZ Mouse Grip Tape as our preferred option. Want to explore more options? Read on! There's also a buying guide to help you make a wise shopping decision.

Editor's Choice
JOMKIZ Mouse Grip Tape fit</h3>    JOMKIZ
JOMKIZ Mouse Grip Tape fit JOMKIZ
Premium Pick
3M Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, Patented Vertical Grip Design Keeps Your Hand and Wrist at a
3M Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, Patented Vertical Grip Design Keeps Your Hand and Wrist at a
Budget Pick
HOTWEEMS Wireless Mouse, D-09 Computer Mouse USB Cordless Mice</h3>    HOTWEEMS    4.20 x 2.80 x
HOTWEEMS Wireless Mouse, D-09 Computer Mouse USB Cordless Mice HOTWEEMS 4.20 x 2.80 x

Top 10 Best Mouse Grip Tape Reviews 2023

1. JOMKIZ Mouse Grip Tape fit</h3> JOMKIZ

  • [Fashionable Appearance] This colorful mouse anti-slip tape adopts the exclusively developed non-fading technology and has a cool texture, which makes your mouse very fashionable! Your friends will be envious!
  • [Ergonomic Design] The palm rest fits your wrist, providing great comfort and support, reducing wrist irritation and pain.
  • [Easy to Clean] The mouse pad is washable and can be used for a long time. It will not fade even after repeated washing.
  • [Strong Water Absorption] The surface is made of scrub-like skin material with a special textured finish. Has excellent water absorption and water or sweat absorption.
  • [Better Gaming Experience] This non-slip sticker is a must-have accessory for gamers to improve their skills. It can help you reduce the error rate caused by sweat.

2. 3M Wireless Ergonomic Optical Mouse, Patented Vertical Grip Design Keeps Your Hand and Wrist at a

  • Soft-touch painted surface for added comfort
  • For right-handed use only
  • Optical sensor, wireless, USB compatible plug and play
  • Vertical grip keeps your hand and wrist at a neutral angle, while the mouse works as a regular optical mouse

3. HOTWEEMS Wireless Mouse, D-09 Computer Mouse USB Cordless Mice</h3> HOTWEEMS 4.20 x 2.80 x

  • [Faster Wireless Transmission Speed] 33FT 2.4G wireless connection reduces all the interference and delays. Just plug the USB receiver into pc or laptop and your D-09 works instantly.
  • [Highly-Intergraded Body] Durable 50 Million clicks. Portable for travel use. Work with Windows laptop/MacBook/Chromebook/PC; Fast & easy 18 months replacement, please do not hesitate to let HOTWEEMS know.
  • [Less Muscle Strain Ergonomics] Advanced ergonomic computer mouse provides total comfort with 30° ergonomic handshake angel, contoured grips and premium matte finishTWO VERSION SHIPPED RANDOMLY ,only difference is with logo or not
  • [3X Less Hand Movement] 800-2400 DPI high precision sensor reduces muscle fatigue and boost your workflow. Cursor moves 3X faster than basic computer wireless mouse.
  • [1 AA Battery, 2X Longer] Only 1 AA battery lasts up to 16 months. It enters sleep mode after you leave for 8 minutes. D-09 wireless computer mouse saves time and money by practically reducing the need to change batteries.

4. Elevation Lab Magic Grips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2</h3> Elevation Lab FBA_MG-100 3.54 x

  • Premium silicone rubber construction + removable 3M adhesive.
  • A bonus XL thumb grip is included for an even wider grip, if you prefer.
  • Ambidextrous. Fit's Magic Mouse 1 & 2.
  • A little side project designed to make Magic Mouse more comfortable. Creates big concave surfaces to place your fingers. Widens & relaxes your grip. Gives you better control.
  • For all hand sizes (but especially great for medium & large hands).

5. BTL Mouse Grip Tape for Logitech G Pro X Superlight Non Slip Suck Sweat Print Set-Blue</h3>

  • Package content: please refer to the option picture (without side button).This product does not come with a mouse, the mouse is just for better display stickers.
  • If you encounter problems during the shopping process or after receiving the package, please contact us in time, we will reply and solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
  • Our BTL Mouse Grip made with a polymer that is ultra-comfortable and is a slip-resistant material for ultimate use.can only be truly appreciated by touch and once you try it you will be wondering how you ever went without one!
  • Our Mouse Grip is a lightweight textured grip that is optimized for feel and control. We have tested hundreds of mouse grips and had hundreds of tests done on our grip and we think we created the perfect Mouse Grip for everyday use and for hardcore gamers.
  • The product will send a grip suitable for GPX by default. If you need other mouse models, please contact customer service first, and note the required mouse model when placing the order. The mouse models that can be made are shown in the picture, and we cannot make other models. If you need to cut it yourself, please let us know to send a whole piece.

6. BTL Mouse Grip Tape for G Pro X Superlight</h3> BTL

  • Ensures Grip and Form Factor
  • Hand Cut Mouse Grip
  • Soft Polymer Rubber Material

7. TALONGAMES Mouse Anti Slip Grip Tape</h3> TALONGAMES

  • [UNRIVALED QUALITY] - Ultra-thin 0.5mm high-quality polymer material does not affect the touch feeling, superior water absorption performance. The new diamond texture design improves the friction coefficient. It will not slip even if your mouse strenuous move and improve the gaming experience.
  • [PALM SWEAT ABSORPTION] - Comprehensive coverage, the new design of sweat absorption anti-slip tapes in the palm (free combination and paste according to your needs). Effectively improve your palm sweating troubles, keep your palm dry and improve comfort!If you are always sweating on your hands, buy it don't hesitate!
  • [PACKAGE CONTENTS] - Mouse Anti-Slip Grip Sticker Tape X 1Set, (Note: Mouse are Not Included)
  • [SPECIALLY CALIBATED SIZE] - Just size, specially designed for Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless mouse, pre-cut molded with high precision. The customization of our products are based on actual mouse to provide consumers with the best experience.
  • [EASY TO APPLY] - Self-Adhesive Design, the anti-slip tapes are all pre-cut. You just need to tear off and paste it simply when you use it, the American 3M adhesive is used to ensure strong adhesion and without residue after tearing off.

8. MOJO Perfect Grip Dual Mode Silent Vertical Mouse</h3> MOJO-HOME MJ-209 5.40 x 2.70 x 2.90

  • Dimensions: 5.4" (L) x 2.9" (W) x 2.7" (H), Weight: 3.4 oz
  • Polling Rate : 125 Hz
  • "Perfect Grip" ergonomically designed to reduce stress and discomfort associated with overuse in your hands, wrist, elbows, forearms, and shoulders by maintaining a neutral "handshake" grip.
  • Dual Mode - Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz Wireless Mode (with dongle) - Control two computers with one mouse
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux (to use this mouse with an iPhone or iPad you must update to iOS 13 or above)
  • Adjustable DPI: 1000 - 1600 - 2400 DPI
  • Number of Buttons: 6 (plus scroll wheel), all silent, Powered by 1xAA batteries (included): Adjustable DPI/sensitivity button, Mode/Pairing button, Low battery indicator, Next/Last Page (for web browsing)

9. for Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse Anti-Slip Tape Elastics Refined Side Grips Sweat Resistant

  • DESIGNED FOR GAMES - The mouse anti slip tape is designed for professional game players. Soft and comfortable hand feeling, self adhesive design, excellent anti slip and sweat-absorbing performance to avoid the mouse misoperation caused by hand sliding and improve gaming experience!
  • SPECIALLY CALIBATED SIZE - Pre-Cut, This model is specially designed for Logitech g304 Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse . It cuts accurately according to the size of the mouse, perfectly cover easily slippery part.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The mouse anti slip tape uses a new TPEE material, which has better anti slip and waterproof performance and softer hand feeling. It uses the 3M non-residual adhesive, can be detached completely without residual gum after a long time of use, easy to install and remove.

10. Hotline Games 3.0 Plus Mouse Feet & 2.0 Plus Mouse Anti Slip Grip Tape</h3> HOTLINEGAMES 7.87

  • [Easy to use] All the useless scraps of Hotline Games mouse skates are pre-removed for easier use. Except the DIY version, other models are all pre-cut. You can remove the skates easier. New product promotion, the price will be restored after the promotion ends!
  • [New materials with better compatibility] The material of the product adds Hotline Games' exclusive lubricating on the base of 100% PTFE. Achieve precise and comfortable operation on different materials mouse pads such as cloth or nylon.
  • [First integrated molding Rounded Edges mouse skates] 3.0 Plus Rounded Edges mouse skates were made by Hotline Games' exclusive SYN Technology. The product not only won't scratch mouse pad, but also makes the movement of the mouse smoother and more stable to the Rounded Edges mouse skates of other makers.
  • [Just size] Strictly designed according to real mouses, not only the shape, but also the thickness has been adjusted for every model. In addition, 3.0 Plus mouse skates were appropriately thickened after consider the mouse sensor's durability and accuracy carefully. (Tips: Mouse skates too thick will affect the accuracy of mouse sensor and cause frame skipping. So, 3.0 Plus mouse skates just thickened appropriately without affect the premise of mouse sensor.)
  • [New pure WHITE mouse skates] New pure white mouse skates launch officially. The color is more advanced, especially when used on a white mouse, the color matches well!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is grip tape good for mice?

Conclusion & Recommendations. Some grip tape can make a huge difference for slippery mice or for dry hands. For mice like the G Pro Wireless, the effect is especially pronounced given its smooth, matte surface. Hotline Games grip tapes are a very good solution, offering create cut outs and easy installation.

2. What is the most accurate mouse grip?

Palm grip is considered the best for FPS games. A palm mouse grip allows you to aim with your arms and elbow instead of your wrist, making for steady movements and better tracking.

3. What are the top 3 mouse grips?

The three main mouse grips are the palm grip, claw grip and fingertip grip. Depending on the size of your hand you might be suited towards a different style than you currently use.