Best LCR Meters In June 2023

You will find our hand-picked selection of lcr meter below. You have a wide variety of choices of brands such as East Tester,Extech,Hantek,MATRIX,UCTRONICS available to you as a result of the fact that each one of them has a unique pricing, look, and feel. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of the best lcr meter buying guide!

Our experts tested a variety of lcr meter in the market. Right on top of the list is East Tester Lcr Meter. Check out some more of our favorites below, and read some valuable insight from the experienced editors.

Editor's Choice
DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter
DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter
Premium Pick
East Tester ET430 Handheld Digital LCR Meter Portable Capacitance Tester Multifunction Digital
East Tester ET430 Handheld Digital LCR Meter Portable Capacitance Tester Multifunction Digital
Budget Pick
Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter
Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter

Top 10 Best LCR Meters Reviews 2023

1. DE-5000 Handheld LCR Meter

  • The "Sorting"mode Could Help the User to Make a Quick Sort for a Bunch of Components.
  • Standard Accessories: English PDF Manual, DC9V Battery, Alligator Test Lead Case(TL-21), SMD Tweezers Case(TL-22), Guard Line(TL-23),,,,, Option: IR to USB Cace *It Isn't Included.
  • This LCR Meter Is Fully Auto Ranging Operation for AC Impedance & DC Resistance Measurement. The User Could Measure the L/C/R Components Directly in “AUTO-LCR “ Smart Mode Without Selecting the Function Key.
  • Components Could Be Measured in Serial Or Parallel Mode According to the DUT (device Under Test) Impedance Automatically.User Could Select the Desired Test Frequencies of 100Hz/120Hz/1kHz/10kHz /100kHz.
  • This LCR Meter Is a 19999/ 9999 Counts Dual Display, High Accuracy LCR Meter, Which Could Measure Inductance/ Capacitance/ Resistance with Secondary Parameters Including Dissipation Factor (D), Quality Factor (Q), Phase Angle , Equivalent Series/ Parallel Resistance (ESR Or Rp).

2. East Tester ET430 Handheld Digital LCR Meter Portable Capacitance Tester Multifunction Digital

  • Supporting Electrolytic Capacitance Measurement; Automatic Recognition of Component Measurement; Support Screening and Deviation Measurement;
  • 2.8-Inch TFT Display, 4-Bit Semi-Display; Display Digit: Main Parameters: 5 Bits, Secondary Parameters: 5 Bits
  • Adjustable Measuring Speed, Manual and Automatic Range; Short Circuit Correction with Open Circuit; Provide Multiple Test Ports.
  • USB Communication Interface; Large Capacity Lithium Battery Power Supply; Support SCPI Protocol;
  • Test Frequency: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 40kHz, 100KHz; Basic Accuracy: 0.30%

3. Extech 380193 Passive Component LCR Meter

  • Sort Components Using Programmable Hi/Low Values
  • Primary Display of Inductance, Capacitance Or Resistance
  • Secondary Display of Q, Dissipation (1/Q) and Resistance
  • Parallel Or Series Equivalent Circuit
  • Built in Test Fixture Or Use External Test Leads

4. Hantek1833C Handeld 100kHz LCR Meter with Carry Case, 0.3/0.6 Vrms

  • Measurement Range: 0-2000H(L), 0-20mF(C), 0-20M Omega(R); Reset Function: Open/short Circuit Calibration; Mode: Series and Parallel
  • Primary L/C/R/Z, Secondary X/D/Q/theta(P)/ESR
  • 4/2/1 Times/s Measuring Rate, Manual/auto Measurement, 3/5 Terminal Test Lead
  • 100Hz/120Hz/400Hz/1kHz/4kHz/10kHz/40kHz/50kHz/75kHz/100kHz Test Frequency, 0.3/0.6 Vrms Test Level, 0.30% Accuracy
  • 2.8" TFT HD LCD Screen for Dual Display, Long Stand-By Battery Charged Fully Within 2 Hrs

5. MATRIX MCR-5100 Benchtop LCR Meter Precision Digital Lab Tester for Apacitance Ground Insulation

  • [TEST FREQUENCY] 40Hz,50Hz,60Hz, 75Hz ,100Hz,120Hz,150Hz、 200Hz ,250Hz,300Hz, 400Hz 500Hz, 600Hz,750Hz,800Hz,1kHz, 1.5kHz, 2kHz,2.5kHz, 3kHz ,4kHz,5kHz,6kHz, 7.5kHz,10kHz,12kHz, 15kHz,15.7kHz,16.2kHz, 20kHz,25kHz, 30kHz ,40kHz,50kHz,60kHz, 66.6kHz,75kHz in Total of 38 Frequency Points.
  • [THREE-YEAR WARRANTY AND QUALITY CHECK] Buy Precision Digital LCR, You Will Get 1* Benchtop LCR Meter, 1* Power Cord, 1* Four-Terminal Test Cord, 1* CD, 1* Test Report, 1* User Manual, 1 * Fuse Table. We Will Inspect All Power Supplies and Accessories Before Shipping to Ensure That Every Customer Receives a Quality Product with a Three-Year Warranty Policy.
  • [MATRIX LCR METER BENCHTOP] Precision Digital Lcr Meter for Labo Voltage Capacitor Ground Insulation Resistance. It Adopts 4.3-Inch TFT LCD Screen, 5-Digit Test Resolution Impedance Meter Instrument, Multi-Frequency Points and 0.1% Accuracy to Meet the Testing Needs of Various Components and Parameters.
  • [TEST PARAMETER and TWO DIFFERENT SIGNAL SOURCES] L,C, R, LZl, D, Q , X , ESR,θ(Deg),θ(Rad).30Ω,100Ω Two Different Signal Source Output Impedance.
  • [PRODUCT FEATURE] Built-In Comparator 5-Level Sorting Flexible Pass and Bad Alarm Mode. Shutdown Automatically Saves Test Conditions, User-Friendly Operation. Instrument Software Version, Which Can Be Upgraded Through U Disk. U Disk Screen Copy, Test Data Saving, Support Format FAT16, FAT32 File System. There Are More Than 100 Sets of Setting Files Inside, and U Disk Expansion Can Save Or Call Multiple Sets of Test Files.

6. UCTRONICS High Precision Handheld LC Inductor Capacitor Tester, Inductive Capacitance Meter Kit,

  • Power Supply: The Meter Can Be Powered by Included Φ5 DC Power Supply Cable and Mini USB Cable. You Can Also Install 4×AA Batteries. Each Way Makes the Meter Work. Note: the AA Battery Is Not Included.
  • Measuring Range: Capacitance 0.01pF-100mF, Inductance 0.001uH-100H, Frequency 500KHz/500Hz-50KHz.
  • Easy to Calibrate: Just Press the Button "ZERO" to Calibrate, Open Circuit Calibration in Capacitance Measuring Mode, Short Circuit Calibration in Inductance Measuring Mode.
  • High Precision: Accuracy 1% of Capacitance Range 1pF~1uF, 5% of Range 1uF~100mF; 1% of Inductance Range 1uH~1H, 5% of Range 1H~100H
  • Applications: This Portable and Handheld Tester 1×handheld LC Meter, 1 Pair of Alligator Clip Test Leads, 1×LCR Kelvin Alligator Clip Test Lead, 1×mini USB Cable, 1×manual

7. LCR Research Pro1 Plus - 100KHz LCR Meter with 0.1% Accuracy / LED Tester / ESR Meter / Smart SMD

  • One Year Warranty, Lifetime Support
  • Wide Measurement Range – R: 20mΩ to 10MΩ, C: 0.1pF to 10mF, L: 10nH to 1H
  • Additional Diode and LED Testing Function
  • 5 Test Frequencies – 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz with 3 Test Voltage - 0.2Vrms, 0.5Vrms, 1.0Vrms
  • Basic Accuracy – R: 0.1%, L: 0.2%, C: 0.2% (see User Manual for Details)

8. B&K Precision 880 100 kHz Handheld LCR Meter, Blue

  • 40,000 Counts Resolution on Primary and 10,000 Counts Resolution on Secondary Display
  • Fast Auto Range Design for Rapid, Easy Component Measurements
  • L, C, R, and Z (879B & 880 Only) Primary Measurements
  • Accuracy Up to 0.1% and Selectable Test Frequencies Up to 100 KHz (880 Only)
  • Automatic Calculation of Secondary Parameters D, Q, Theta, ESR (Theta/ESR for 879B &880 Only), and DCR (880 Only)

9. CAMWAY LCR Meter LCD Capacitance Inductance Resistance Tester Measuring Meter Self-Discharge pF nF

  • Accessory : 1x Instruction Manual, 1xCertificate, A Pair of Crocodile Clip , 1x 9V Battery, Designed to Safely and Accurately Troubleshoot A Variety of Automotive and Household Electrical Problems.
  • Adopted Double Integral A/D Converter Core and A Large-Scale Integrated Circuits, Make The LCR Meter Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance Tester An Excellent Performance Instrument for Users.
  • Wide Measuring Range 200pF to 2000uF, Accuracy ±(2.5%+5), 200uH Tto 20H,Accuracy ±(2%+5), 200Ω to 200MΩ, Accuracy ±(0.8%+2).
  • LCR Meter Is Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance, Continuity Test And Diodes Measuring Meter, A Special Digital Instrument , Easy to Operat, Reading Accuracy Degree Is Higher with LCD Display 1999 (3 1/2).
  • Multi-Function : Auto Power Off, Data Hold Function, Low Power Indication, ZERO ADJ for Capacitance , Large Screen Can Be Flipped , Sampling Rate Is 3 Times Per Second.

10. PEAK Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter

PEAK Atlas LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter
By - Peak Electronic Design Ltd
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  • Fluid LCR and Impedence Measurements with Hold Function, Automatic Or Manual Component Type.
  • Full 1 Year Manufacturers Warrenty
  • Automatic Or Manual Test Frequency, DC, 1kHz, 15kHz Or 200kHz.
  • Enhanced Measurement Resolution: 0.2uH, 0.2pF and 0.2 Ohms.
  • Easy Menu System for User Settings.