Best Electric Cupping Machine In June 2023

It can be challenging to find the right electric cupping machine, as there are all kinds of electric cupping machine brands to choose from, such as Xaisent,JinDoWin,Color You,Scienlodic,Epidioxi,Myologix. To help you find the top [count] best electric cupping machine that meet different needs, we have carefully researched a large amount of cat toys.

We have spent more than 76 hours testing a lot of electric cupping machine. According to our research, we think Xaisent Electric Cupping Machine is the best overall. For more of our top picks, read on! Also, check out our buying guide for some suggestions on how to choose the right cat toy.

Editor's Choice
Smart Cupping Therapy Set - 3
Smart Cupping Therapy Set - 3
Premium Pick
Electric Cupping Therapy Massager Device Tool Scraping Hot Compress Suck Function
Electric Cupping Therapy Massager Device Tool Scraping Hot Compress Suck Function
Budget Pick
Electric Cupping Set, Color You All New Smart Red Light Electric Cupping Machine
Electric Cupping Set, Color You All New Smart Red Light Electric Cupping Machine

Top 10 Best Electric Cupping Machine Reviews 2023

1. Smart Cupping Therapy Set - 3

  • 2022 Best Gift Choice - An ideal gift for Valentine's Day,Mother's Day,Father's Day,Christmas and Birthday.Great for those who sit at desks for a long time,suffering from back, neck and shoulder muscle tension.It can effectively help to relieve muscle pain,stiff back,lactic acid and recover the body faster.
  • 365 Days Warranty - If you find that the product will not work after receiving it, please fully charge it first, and then use it again.If it is damaged during use,please contact us in time, and we will replace it with a new product online 24 hours a day.
  • Smart and Safe& Portable - The built-in advanced temperature control chip ensures a constant temperature.Smart operation detection,after 20min continuous work,it will trigger the AI protection system and shut down automatically.can be used for 4~8 hours when fully charged,light and convenient,can be taken with you,can be used anywhere.
  • Smart Dynamic Cupping Massager - Xaisent surpasses other common cupping equipment,combining smart breathing cupping,hot compress,and other functions into one,rhythmic suction and release alternately,more effectively release fascia,promote blood circulation,and enhance fluidity.
  • 13 Electric Cupping Modes - Offering suction of 3 different modes and 5 intensity levels and 5 temperature.Vitality Mode,Soothing Mode and Depth Mode can provide you with different suction modes,different modes can give you different massage experience,you can choose between different modes according to your physical condition.

2. Electric Cupping Therapy Massager Device Tool Scraping Hot Compress Suck Function

  • Household Electric Cupping Massager:Beauty salon-level relaxation effect without leaving home.
  • Four Massage Techniques: Cupping, scraping, hot compress, sucktion
  • Whole Body massager:Suitable for arms, abdomen, waist, legs,back,shoulder,hips, hamstring and calves
  • Moving Massager: convenient to take,enjoy a massage anywhere and anytime
  • Adjustable Sunction&Temperature:It has long-lasting suction power with 12 different suction strengths and 12 levels of temperature control. You can start using it on the lowest setting and then choose the mode that suits you best, allowing you to feel comfortable at all times.

3. Electric Cupping Set, Color You All New Smart Red Light Electric Cupping Machine

  • [Dynamic Massage With Breathing] This electric cupping machine is a perfect combination of traditional cupping and modern technology, combining dynamic suction and red light heating in one device. Compared to traditional hand pumps used by other systems, its mode automatically continues to pump and release throughout the process. Dynamic massage mode for automatic suction and release for more effective relief of the target area.
  • [Effect and Safety Upgrade] Cupping adds a decompression button and countdown pause items. When in use, the cupping will automatically enter the 20-minute countdown off mode, and it will automatically pause even if you fall asleep in the middle. At the end of the pressure release, just press the decompression button to achieve automatic separation without forcibly pulling it out. This method of use is safer and more comfortable than traditional methods of use.
  • [Adjustable 10 Temperatures] This is an elegant electric cupping set with 10 heating modes, equipped with heating modes for shoulders, back, neck, calf, buttocks and middle. Red light heats up to 50°C without harming the skin.
  • [Small and Portable] The size of the cupping cup is 3.54×3.4in, the small size is convenient for you to carry, whether it is on the sports field or outdoors, it can let you enjoy massage and heating services anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is very convenient to operate, even beginners and elderly can quickly adapt to it.
  • [10 Temperature Adjustable] This is an elegant electric cupping set with 10 heating modes equipped with heating for the shoulder, back, neck, calf, buttocks and in-between. Red light heats up to 50°C without harming the skin.

4. Scienlodic 3 in 1 Cupping Set

  • [Skin Congestion Helps Break Down Scar Tissue] After cupping, it may leave traces similar to "bruises" on the skin. This is due to skin congestion, which usually disappears gradually after 3-4 days. The cupping congestion effect helps break down scar tissue.
  • [Cupping Deeper & Recover Faster] The electric cupping therapy machine is designed for people who like strong suction. Cupping massager has 6 adjustable suction modes.Cupping helps relieve muscle soreness and tension and speed up recovery after exercise. (Note: Cupping set need to be performed on the surface of the skin, adjust the suction to 1st gear for first-time electric cupping massager users, and use with essential oils)
  • [2-years Warranty Period] Due to the long transportation process, please fully charge the cupping set machine before using after receiving the package. If you receive a machine of poor quality or feel that the suction is too strong or different from the one on the page, please feel free to contact us and we can resend correct product or refund to you as soon as possible.
  • [Heating Cupping Therapy Massage] The electric cupping and heating machine has 6 adjustable heating modes, safer than fire cupping. Heating and massage at the same time of electronic cupping machine can promote blood circulation.(Please preheat for 3-5 minutes before use, the maximum temperature about 107°F, adapt to the best temperature of the human body, which can be used on the skin surface for a long time, effectively preventing low-temperature burns)
  • [More Efficient Portable Massager] Compared with the traditional cupping set, the electric cupping massager has strong suction power, cupping is faster, and there is no need to sleep in waiting like tranditional cupping. There is no need to bring a cupping cup, only a cupping machine is needed, which is more compact and convenient to carry.

5. 3 in 1 Cupping Massager Set Electric Scraping Cupping Therapy Set Back Massager

  • [Rechargeable massager] Inbuilt with 2000mA large-capacity battery, the therapy set can work continuously for 3 hours. Designed with type-C interface, you can easy to recharge it. 100-240 wide voltage, free to use anywhere.
  • [3-in-1 Function] The cupping massage set features with three functions optional, suction, massage, and heating. Different from traditional massage, you can get muscle relieve and pain reduction at home or office.
  • [Adjustable Temperature] With 16 massage magnetic beads on the bottom, the heat can easily permeate into the skin and provide you a comfortable feeling. 9 gears adjustable temperature allows you massage different parts of your body.
  • [Adjustable Suction power] Strong vacuum pressure pump is inbuilt for deep muscle relieve. 9 gears suction power design make scrapping and cupping easy. You can relax muscles and relieve pains caused by long hour work.
  • [Reasonable design] Through bian-stone heat, you can adjust the temperature within 30-50℃. With 3 modes and 9 gears, you can scrapping or cupping easily. Ergonomic design make it convenient to use and carry.

6. MyoLogix - 3 in 1 Electric Gua Sha Scraping and Vacuum Cup Therapy Machine with Heat - Facial

  • PORTABLE, HEATING FUNCTION AND 3 HEAD SIZES TO TARGET FULL BODY, FACE AND NECK: Portable, Handheld Device with 3 Levels of Suction Power and Heating. The massager comes with 3 sizes of massage heads to target all body areas as well as your face and neck. ADD TO CART NOW AND FEEL ASSURED WITH OUR 100% CUSTOMER GUARANTEE AND 1-YEAR WARRANTY!
  • UNBLOCKS LYMPH NODES AND STIMULATES DETOXIFICATION: This device works as a lymphatic drainage massager and is great for unblocking lymph nodes to stimulate detoxification and improve blood flow circulation. Lymphatic massage is a fantastic treatment for treating inflammation, clearing skin complexion, and accelerating healing. Lymphatic massage has been known to help people suffering from skin disorders, stress, arthritis, insomnia, migraine headaches and digestive problems.
  • RELIEVES PAIN AND SORENESS: This massage device is great for alleviating pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Using the proven techniques of cupping therapy and Gua Sha scraping for myofascial release, this device allows you to quickly and easily use vacuum massage techniques to relax muscle tension, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: CUPPING, GUA SHA, FASCIA BLASTING & LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: This Multi-Function Massage Device can be used for Gua Sha Scraping, Cupping Therapy, Pain Management, Skin Tightening and Firming, Fascia Blasting, MyoFascial Release, and Lymphatic Drainage.

7. 4 in 1 Electric Gua Sha Scrapping Massager and Cupping Therapy Tool

  • UPGRADE EDITION: With longer battery life, type C charging, high-definition electronic screen, new products on the market, products in the promotion period, and the best time for ultra-low price purchase,The new product promotion period lasts for 2 weeks, and the original price will be restored after promotion. Order NOW!
  • Guarantee 30-days MONEY-BACK for any reason - Any questions or quality issue, email us any time through following email address and we will provide you with quick response and the best help.Different use methods can make different effects. Please refer to the product video. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • EASY TO CARRY AROUND* Unlike going to massage parlors to have traditional physiotherapy, you can have self-massages at home with this device to get the same effects, which is time-saving and labor-saving. It is portable to carry with you to anywhere, anytime, what's better is that you can enjoy professional physiotherapy whenever you travel.
  • Promoting circulation of blood, dredging channels and collaterals
  • Can be used on back, abdomen, shoulders, legs and other body parts; Suitable for most customers, especially for those lacking exercise, poor physical condition, and so on.

8. Scienlodic Cupping Set with 3 Massage Head

  • [MULTIFUNCTIONAL CUPPING MACHINE] Matching 1 scraping head, 1 joint cupping head and 1 basic cupping head. Easy cupping and gua sha.1 machine with multiple uses is more cost-effective.
  • [WARM CUPPING MASSAGER,] Cupping massager has 9 levels of adjustable temperature, easy to operate.It is recommended to use with essential oils together,warmth is more conducive to the absorption of essential oils. Smooth skin can avoid skin damage.(Please preheat 3-5 minutes before use, the maximum temperature of about 107 ° F, can effectively prevent low - temperature burns)
  • [SKIN CONGESTION HELPS BREAK DOWN SCAR TISSUE] After cupping/scraping, it may leave traces similar to "bruises" on the skin. This is due to skin congestion, which usually disappears gradually after 3-4 days. The cupping congestion effect helps promote blood circulation and accelerate the healing of subcutaneous inflammation.
  • [MORE EFFICIENT & PORTABLE MASSAGER] Compared with the traditional cupping cup set, the electric scraping and cupping massager has strong suction power and can quickly complete the cupping. In addition, the electric cupping machine is small in size and easy to use and carry.
  • [STRONGER CUPPING, EASIER TO RELAX MUSCLES] There are 9 adjustable negative pressure positions, and the appropriate strength can be selected according to the needs, which can relieve body pain and fatigue, bring better relaxation.

9. 2 in 1 Electric Gua Sha Scrapping Massager and Cupping Tool

  • HOT COMPRESS & CUPPING FUNCTION -- Large bottom area of the chassis, overall heat, which is easy to suck and hot .compress.Through the heat effect, activate the skin collagen and continuous heat can relax body and release stress easily.Applicable to multiple parts of the body, through the cupping method to absorb body harmful substance, and then covered by heat, effectively remove the body's extra moisture. Take away fatigue and make your body comfortable
  • SCRAPING MASSAGE FOR PAIN RELIEF -- Scraping hot effectively relief body fatigue and back pain,and has great effects on dysmenorrhea,phlegm and dampness,and joint pain, Can quickly dredge the meridians of all parts of the body, so as to slim body and care for health.
  • ELECTRIC SHAPING MASSAGER -- High frequency vibration,wake up the skin inside,promote fat activity,help shape arms,legs, give you a charming feature.Before use our machine, apply cream or oil on the required parts will be better.
  • APPLICABILITY: It is suitable for back, abdomen, shoulders, legs and other body parts, and suitable for those who lack exercise for a long time, poor physical condition, long-term mental stress, physical dysfunction. The scavenger is compact and portable, and can be used anywhere, such as the bedroom, living room, and even enjoy professional physiotherapy whenever you travel.
  • EASONABLE DESIGN & HIGH QUALITY: Scraping Machine made of ABS material, which is durable for long time using. Bottom anti-blocking design, considerate and practical, durable for use.

10. HANGSUN Upgraded Cupping Set, Electric Cupping Massager

  • [3 Temperatures & 8 Red Lights Therapy] The heating function can help break down lactic acid in the muscles and restore muscle vitality.Red light function improves blood circulation and helps promote antioxidants, which can reduce the oxidative stress associated with muscle fatigue.
  • [Different with a Massage Gun] The HANGSUN cupping massager not only stretches the muscles, but also promotes cell renewal. Whereas a massage gun only taps the muscles.
  • [7 Suctions & 2 Modes] We have expanded the parameter range of suction to provide a more personalized experience. Our electric cupping machine innovatively offer a short suction mode (Mode 1), which promotes muscle "breathing" more efficiently. The long suction mode (Mode 2) is suitable for person skilled in cupping therapy.
  • [One-Year Warranty] It doesn't matter if the cupping set is accidentally broken or you don't like it. We are more than willing to provide you with a solution within 24 hours until your issue is completely resolved.
  • [Smart Timing Reminder] The best time for cupping on the same body part is 10-15 minutes, This smart cupping set has an intelligent 10 minute timing sstop, can remind you to adjust the position in time to position and maintain the best cupping effect. 2200mAH large capacity battery provides 150 minutes of usage time.