Best Earl Grey In March 2023

Looking for some of the earl grey? As you may know, there are dozens of brands available in the market such as Stash,Nelson's Tea,Twinings,Taylors of Harrogate,Tea Drops,Art of Tea and some come with vastly different price tags. Let us help you out here – we have handpicked for you the best earl grey.

To compile our list of the best earl grey, we've researched and evaluated a range of the best-selling earl grey on the market. We recommend Stash Earl Grey as our top pick because of its best overall performance. Want to explore more options? Read on! There's also a buying guide to help you make a wise shopping decision.

Editor's Choice
Stash Tea 6 Flavor The Earls Earl Grey Tea Assortment
Stash Tea 6 Flavor The Earls Earl Grey Tea Assortment
Premium Pick
Nelson's Tea - Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Sampler
Nelson's Tea - Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Sampler
Budget Pick
Twinings Tea, Black Tea Sampler Variety Pack with Four Flavors; Earl Grey Tea
Twinings Tea, Black Tea Sampler Variety Pack with Four Flavors; Earl Grey Tea

Top 10 Best Earl Grey Reviews 2023

1. Stash Tea 6 Flavor The Earls Earl Grey Tea Assortment

  • Stash Tea: Brought to life in 1972 by 2 Portland hippies, we believe that tea is an opportunity to excite the senses and surprise your taste buds with a diverse range of bold flavors
  • Earl Grey Tea Sampler: This Earl Grey tea variety pack contains 2 boxes each of our Earl Grey, Breakfast in Paris, and Double Bergamot Earl Grey teas; Enjoy hot or brew double strength for iced tea
  • Incomparable Quality: From herbal, black, and green to white, or oolong, our premium tea bags are packaged in stay fresh foil wrappers to deliver a high quality cup , from morning chai to bedtime chamomile
  • Proud To Be a B Corp: We believe diversity and boldness should be in our community and society, as well as in our cup; As a certified B Corp we act in the best interests of our people, partners, and planet
  • Find Your Flavor: With over 250 teas to choose from including loose leaf, iced tea, green tea, decaffeinated black tea, chai, herbal teas and more, you're sure to find your next favorite with Stash

2. Nelson's Tea - Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

  • A delicious sampler pack of 5 of our Earl Grey tea blends. If you or someone you care about loves earl grey tea, then this is a great way to try several!
  • A Portrait of Earl Grey, Blueberry Earl Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, Raspberry Earl Grey, Vanilla Caramel Earl Grey
  • Blended & Packaged in Indianapolis, IN - USA

3. Twinings Tea, Black Tea Sampler Variety Pack with Four Flavors; Earl Grey Tea

  • TRADITIONAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA ANY TIME OF DAY: Timeless classics like the well-balanced English Breakfast Tea are beloved for their familiarity and full-bodied taste perfect for any time of day.
  • FLAVORS OF EARL GREY TEA & LADY GREY TEA: Earl Grey Tea is flavored with distinctive notes of citrus and bergamot. Lady Grey, a light black tea, is offered exclusively from Twinings with the citrus fruit flavors of bergamot, orange, and lemon.
  • BLACK TEA SET WITH FOUR FLAVORS FOR EVERY MOOD: In need of a pick me up, looking for a moment of calm, or time to relax – this black tea set has four distinctly different flavors to suit your mood.
  • BOLD & RICH IRISH BREAKFAST TEA: Bold and rich with black tea grown in the tropical climate of Assam, Irish Breakfast Tea is hearty with a smooth finish.
  • TWININGS IS STEEPED IN HISTORY: The history of Twinings Tea began more than 300 years ago. Today, we have over 500 tea varieties. Our tea is served hot or cold and is an ingredient in delicious recipes.

4. Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey

Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey
By - Taylors of Harrogate
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  • Taylors of Harrogate is Carbon Neutral Certified, a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, and Rainforest Alliance Certified.
  • For the perfect cup use one tea bag. Add freshly boiled water and infuse for 4-5 minutes. Serve pure or with lemon.
  • Full-bodied, distinctive flavor and aroma.
  • 20 individually wrapped and tagged tea bags.
  • Ingredients: Black tea, natural bergamot flavouring with other natural flavourins (5%).

5. Tea Drops Lightly Sweetened Organic Loose Leaf Tea Party Pack Sampler | Includes Citrus Ginger,

  • FIBER AND PREBIOTIC IN EVERY SIP: Tea Drops are organic, whole leaf teas pressed into cute shapes. You might see ground tea leaves settle in the bottom of your cup which is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and immunity aids so be sure to savor the last sip
  • WHOLESOME AND NOURISHING: Give your body the perfect cup of tea that nourishes and tastes amazing. All of our Tea Drops are fair trade, organic, and kosher certified with 15% less waste than traditional tea bags. Made in the USA
  • GIFTABLE TEA BOX: Our beautifully packaged assorted tea gift boxes hold and display our one of a kind loose leaf tea drops and add a delightful twist to an old tradition. These ready to enjoy tea gift sets are ideal for gifting, tea parties, taking to the office, or to simply to savor moments at home with friends and family.
  • WOMEN OWNED: Tea Drops was conceived and created by women who love tea and what it invites us to. Take time to savor moments over a delicious cup of tea. Working hard to bring the best tea experience in a fun, simple way, is at the heart of what Tea Drops does. Portions of every sale go to benefit various non profits that do good in the world.
  • TEA WITHOUT THE MESS: Our premium Tea Drops take loose leaf tea to a whole new level. Finally, you can get premium quality black or herbal tea without the hassle of seeping or needing to deal with a drippy tea bag. Perfect for on the go. Simply fill a travel cup with hot water, add a tea drop, and be on your way

6. Art of Tea | 12 Count Sampler Box

  • ADDITIVE FREE - All of Art of Tea's blends are 100% organic or made of natural ingredients with no additives. This Organic Earl Grey Crème tea includes: Select Organic Black Teas, Organic Cornflower, Natural Flavors, Bergamot Oil.
  • DELICIOUS EXPERIENCE – Find your new favorite with this tea sampler pack by Art of Tea! Includes 12 tea sachets of Organic Earl Grey Crème Tea. A customer favorite. Start your day in a bold way with our loose-leaf organic Earl Grey Crème tea. This is a remarkable black tea blend that is hand blended with fragrant oil of bergamot for citrus notes followed by a touch of French vanilla for a rich and robust finish.
  • OUR STORY - Our mission is to create a delicious experience & impact as many lives as we can through our teas. As an independent family-owned tea company we pride ourselves on hand blending the finest organic teas & botanicals to create award-winning custom-crafted tea blends. Our teas are carefully selected directly from growers, each offering a unique story. We believe our responsibility is to treat every product as if it's our only product & every customer as if they are our only customer.
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED - Each Art of Tea signature sachet is made from 100% compostable plant-based soilon with no plastics, so you don't have to worry about microparticles ruining your tea. Plus, once you're done with your tea, the bag is completely biodegradable.
  • OVERNIGHT COLD BREW - To brew 2 quarts of iced tea, place 1 ounce of sachets of your favorite Art of Tea blend in your pitcher. Add 2 quarts of filtered cold water to your container. Place in your fridge and steep overnight (8-10 hours). Depending on personal preference, the longer you leave the tea bags in, the stronger the tea gets. Remove from the fridge and take out the tea bags. Enjoy over ice, and if needed, sweeten to taste.
  • CREATE A PERFECT BREW - Each tea sampler pack includes 12 individual tea sachets, enough for 12 strong cups of delicious tea! Each sachet is blended for one 8 oz cup of tea; for this Organic Earl Grey Crème Tea, steep water to 206 degrees Fahrenheit and steep for 3-5 minutes.
  • CAFFEEINE CONTENT - Our Organic Earl Grey Crème Tea leaves are caffeine free and great for relaxation, self-care, and mindfulness
  • QUICK ICED TEA - - To brew 2 quarts of iced tea, place 1 ounce of sachets of your favorite Art of Tea blend in your pitcher. Add in 1/2 quart of hot water to your container. Allow the tea to brew for its suggested time (3-5 minutes). Fill the remaining 1.5 quarts of your container with room temperature water. Using water that is too cold may cause the tea to become cloudy. Add ice to your serving cups, pour your tea over and serve.

7. Cha4TEA 36-Count Assorted Black Tea Sampler

  • Assorted Black Tea Pack: Black Tea, English Breakfast, Ginger Black Tea, Earl Grey
  • All great to brew it over ice in the summer and enjoy hot drink in the winter.
  • Use with any Keurig brewers (compatible Keurig 2.0)
  • Contains 36 single serving pods for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Manufactured in USA

8. Choice Organics - Organic Black Tea Variety Pack Sampler - Includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey

Choice Organics - Organic Black Tea Variety Pack Sampler - Includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey
By - Choice Organics
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  • We Choose to Care for the Planet: Our organic teas are individually packaged in natural fiber, compostable tea bags and then packed into cartons made from 100% recycled paperboard. Our teas are expertly blended in our LEED-certified tea facility.
  • Better-For-You Ingredients: USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Fair Trade Certified, Kosher Certified, Vegan and Gluten-Free. Crafted from high-quality teas and botanicals – no artificial flavors or sweeteners.
  • Variety Pack Sampler: Choice Organics Black Tea Variety Pack Sampler includes bold Organic English Breakfast tea, citrusy Organic Earl Grey tea, and indulgent Organic Cocoa Mint Puerh tea.
  • Tea with Intention: A collection of black, puerh, oolong, green, white and herbal teas, sustainably sourced and blended to perfection for a full-flavored taste experience every time.
  • Caffeine: Each Earl Grey tea bag contains approximately 50 mg of caffeine, each English Breakfast tea bag contains approximately 40 mg of caffeine, and each Cocoa Mint Puerh tea bag contains approximately 30 mg of caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg in 8 oz of coffee.

9. Allegro Tea, Organic Earl Grey Tea Bags

Allegro Tea, Organic Earl Grey Tea Bags
By - Allegro Coffee
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  • Full & hearty, with uplifting citrus notes
  • Heads up: Your item's package may look different than the one you see here. Don't worry, it's the same great stuff on the inside.
  • Contains caffeine.
  • 20 count Black Tea Bags
  • Organic Black Tea, Natural Bergamot (Italian) Flavor, Natural Lemon Flavor with other Natural Flavors.

10. Harney & Sons Black Tea, Earl Grey Supreme

  • Fine Teas
  • Halal
  • Est. 1983. 30-40 Cups
  • Master Tea Blenders
  • Kosher