Best Detective Games Switch In March 2023

Are you looking for the detective games switch from different brands on the market, such as Atlus,Ubisoft,Playlogic,THQ,Capcom but don't know where to start? We've selected our best detective games switch after extensive research and designed a buying guide to help you pick the best option.

To compile our list of the best detective games switch, we've researched and evaluated a range of the best-selling detective games switch on the market. We recommend Atlus Detective Games Switch as our top pick because of its best overall performance. Want to explore more options? Read on! There's also a buying guide to help you make a wise shopping decision.

Editor's Choice
Touch Detective 2 1/2 - Nintendo DS
Touch Detective 2 1/2 - Nintendo DS
Premium Pick
Imagine: Detective - Nintendo DS
Imagine: Detective - Nintendo DS
Budget Pick
Sudoku Ball -- Detective
Sudoku Ball -- Detective

Top 10 Best Detective Games Switch Reviews 2023

1. Touch Detective 2 1/2 - Nintendo DS

  • Over twice the locations to visit and all-new characters
  • More unlockables as you solve side quests and complete an investigation report
  • Returning cast includes Cromwell, Penelope and Funghi to help solve the mysteries
  • Sequel to Touch Detective NDS with new plots and twists
  • A hilariously off-beat story spanning 5 episodes

2. Imagine: Detective - Nintendo DS

  • Piece together clues in fun mini-games like Spot the Difference, Tangram Match, Fingerprinting, and much more.
  • Solve the Mystery – Solve fun and intricate cases ranging from pure fun to brain teasers, all while gathering clues that will lead you to the ultimate mystery. Follow leads and explore the town
  • Take photographs as events unfold. Question witnesses to find out who, what, when, where, and why
  • Document all your findings in your own virtual blog!
  • Become a Detective – Play as Kirsten Spark, a smart and independent 14 year old student at Summer Hill High School. Use your sharp sixth sense and investigative skills to clear your school from bullies and your town from bandits.

3. Sudoku Ball -- Detective

  • New combat system for faster fights
  • Choose from up to 3 different characters and up to 3 different classes, Merchant, Corsair and Adventurer, each with there own quest line with more than 10 missions
  • Up to four main campaigns with over 40 quests
  • Over 40 quest generators allowing for an additional infinite amount of quests
  • Face fierce ship-to-ship combat or stand toe-to-toe with the most feared swordsmen in the Caribbean

4. Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase

  • Family heirlooms are disappearing all over Twin Elms. The residents are counting on Nancy Drew to solve the mystery before it's too late!
  • Interview people and gather clues using the stylus to uncover the location of the hidden staircase
  • Explore the large and mysterious Twin Elms house and examine anything that is out of place.
  • Earn the top rank of Master Detective and find the stolen items

5. Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

  • Build up your life bar by successfully opening a witness's Psyche-Lock
  • New Psyche-Lock feature -- when they keep the truth under lock & key; in order to break them down, successfully open their locks with a series of correct questions or catching them on their inconsistent testimony
  • Two distinct gameplay segments - In the Investigation Phase you'll survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather evidence that will be used in court; in Court Phase, you'll present findings from the investigation to support your case, listen to testimonies, examine witnesses, and determine fact from fiction so you can prove your client's innocence
  • Play from first person perspective through four shocking new cases
  • Present incorrect evidence or following misguided attempts to break Psyche Locks, Phoenix's life bar will go down

6. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

  • Microphone can be used to yell "Objection!" and "Hold it!" as you cross examine witnesses.
  • Psyche-Lock system: Break down tough witnesses with a series of correct questions or catch them on inconsistencies.
  • Play from the first person perspective through five intriguing new cases. Play as two lawyers - relive Mia's rookie days from the past and Phoenix's current cases in the present.
  • Two distinct gameplay segments: Investigation phase - survey crime scenes, interview witnesses and gather evidence. Court phase - present findings from the investigation to support your case, listen to testimonies and examine witnesses.
  • Colorful cast of characters: Phoenix Wright - the game's main character who is an accomplished defense lawyer with a keen sense for discerning fact from fiction. Maya Fey - a bright young girl; Mia Fey - an ace attorney.

7. The Hardy Boys Treasure on the Tracks

  • Explore Paris, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Vienna, and Prague
  • Play as both the Hardy Boys and a mysterious female spy
  • Track down clues hidden in paintings
  • Solve puzzles and play fun mini-games

8. Mystery Case Files

  • Search using items like an X-Ray scanner, flash light, and more
  • Delve into the latest evolution of search-and-solve fun
  • All-new interactive objects and hands-on sleuthing like dusting for finger prints
  • Include multi-player options and game-sharing DS Download Play
  • Look for cleverly hidden items in order to solve the case

9. Crime Scene - Nintendo DS

  • Build your credibility in the force by successfully collecting and analyzing clues; destroy it by floundering in your investigation or asking for help too often
  • Take blood samples and fingerprints, identify bullets and guns, perform DNA analysis and use voice recognition to solve the case. Use the stylus to search for clues, collect them, manipulate them, and analyze them
  • Untangle suspense-filled scenarios just like a real-life modern day investigator
  • Consult the help system when you are stuck to lead you in the right direction

10. Miami Law - Nintendo DS

  • Unlockable extras: Once you complete the game, you'll unlock several additional games and event sequences
  • Choose your character and change the story: Pick from Law Martin and his action-oriented event sequences or Sara Starling and her puzzle-solving challenges
  • 50+ event sequences (mini-games)
  • Action and crime-scene investigation: Survive event sequences such as furious shoot-outs in abandoned warehouses or tax your brain with analyzing mysterious evidence
  • A story worthy of a TV series: A shadowy terrorist conspiracy involving revolution, nerve gas, a time bomb, and even a takeover of a US Navy missile cruiser