Best Bicycle Spoke Wrench In May 2023

If you aren't someone who makes frequent purchases, selecting the bicycle spoke wrench won't be an easy chore for you. However, you shouldn't be concerned because we have provided you with the most comprehensive list possible of the top best bicycle spoke wrench. Have a look at the products on our list, and pick the ones that appeal to you the most.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What size wrench for bicycle spokes?

Unless you know the exact size spoke wrench you need, or unless the spoke nipples are star- or hex-shaped, you can get a three-way spoke wrench that fits the three most common sizes (3.23mm, 3.30mm, and 3.45mm) like the Park Tool SW-7.2 triple spoke wrench.

2. How do I know which spoke wrench I need?

The best method to determine the correct spoke wrench size is to use a caliper and measure the nipple across the wrench flats. It is important to know that the diameter, or so called “gauge”, of the spoke does not determine the spoke wrench size.

3. What can I use instead of a bike spoke wrench?

To make your own house key spoke wrench, simply clamp the key in a vise to hold it so you can cut a nipple-sized slot in it. Don't overtighten the key or you might damage it. Place the key so the side of the widest point is upright.

4. Do I really need a spoke wrench?

While “trail truing” the wheel by smacking it on the ground might work, It's better to use a spoke wrench first, as it is less likely to further damage the rim and spokes. Traditional spoke wrenches work much better for truing wheels, but they are cumbersome to carry on the trail.

Best Bicycle Spoke Wrench
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