Best Battletech Books In May 2023

You will find our hand-picked selection of battletech books below. You have a wide variety of choices of brands such as available to you as a result of the fact that each one of them has a unique pricing, look, and feel. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of the best battletech books buying guide!

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What BattleTech books should I buy?

2. Which BattleTech books to start?

The Warrior Trilogy is a great starting point as it lays the foundation leading to the setting as described in the Introductory Box Set, as well as Technical Readout: 3039, both of which are part of the “Getting Started: As A Board Game” path into BattleTech.

3. What is the best first BattleTech novel?

Keith's Gray Death Legion trilogy. Together with Decision at Thunder Rift (first), and The Price of Glory (third), these three books are often held up as the “first” BattleTech novels.

4. Are the BattleTech books worth reading?

They absolutely are worth reading. Start with the Grey Death Trilogy and the Wolf's Dragoon books. The old novels are hard to find and many are out of print.